which means anyone could change their mind!

Generally I stick with decisions I have made. Maybe my Dad was that way too.

It used to be that I didn’t car for the comedian Ray Romano as in “Everyone loves Raymond.” I didn’t “love him” because I didn’t think he was funny.

Then I saw Mooseport which included Gene Hackman in the cast. It was one of those heartwarming types of films you can’t help but like, and after that, I became a fan of Ray Romano. That surprised me because in my past I didn’t have time for waffling or changing my mind, whatever it was. Time is valuable. Still is.

It’s possible that aging has had something to do with it. As some get older they tend toward the crochety side, me, the more mellow side. Not always though. If I am reminded again of something that was on my curmudgeon side, times ago, I can get curmudgeon-like again, but mostly, not.

At the moment I am working on the CHESS BUTLER’S Christmas Catalog. I wasn’t sure where to start and what to put in it. A prayer, just a short one, helped with that. Plus, I got information off to my accountant, and I voted and took care of some emails, so, I am ready and raring to go.

If you would like a catalog for Christmas style presents concerning chess, let me know and you will get one for FREE (if you have email access). You will also be signed up, for FREE again to our newsletter, the CHESS GAZETTE! You’ll love it even though it’s also a sales newsletter. I love helpful newsletters, but, take it from me who has read lots of them, some of the editors need big time help, as in H-E-L-P!

By the way: I hire myself out for editorial duties such as newsletters and such. How much are you paid for an hours worth of work at your job? I probably could work for twice that rate since you don’t want to do it and I would not be doing that, most likely, full-time.


Yesterday I was yakking about the book YOUR OPPONENT IS OVERRATED, A Practical Guide to Inducing Errors. I was reading it again last night, in bed, while I was supposed to be sleeping. I priced it at $19.95 I think it was, a bargain. FM James Schuyler is a good and honest writer. Totally lucid. And he’s done what he preaches. (Mistake alert: I think I said that in the “real word the Latvian Gambit scored better than the Sicilian. I was out-to-lunch wrong, it was the Philidor Defense he mentioned. Yesterday was a nutty day!)

I have 5 companies bidding on the CHESS JAMBOREE for 2017 for August 18-20. If I can get a ride next week to visit them, I will have more information for you about where it will be. Some nice places want us and I haven’t run across any places that weren’t nice. I know many of you are just dying to get your reservations in, so I will let you know as quickly as possible. But you can still send the $100 advance registration fee! Not every place was available because that weekend there is some kind of big car show at that time. Davenport is famous for those and they fill up fast.

Someone asked me why I haven’t set the cutoff date for late and more expensive registration ($150.00.):

1. One hundred dollars isn’t that much for two days (or 3 if you count Friday night).

2. If we fill up the place which is chosen (I had to turn one place down because it only held 25 people.) then I don’t want any last minute registrants to drive me to distraction.

3. It’s worth Simon Williams time to know in advance how much we want to have him here!

Okay, is everyone settled? Back to the catalog.

Bob & Jack



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