Another One Will Sign Up for the Jamboree

Just got the word today that someone who signed and paid for the Chess Festival 2015 has consented to send a check for $100 for the Jamboree, this week. That makes two! The date will be August 18-20. He is an Iowan from Louis Paulsen’s hometown of Dubuque, Iowa! I’m thrilled because the first two to sign up are good friends, people any chess guy can rely on.

There is a message into Lynn Hunt about details and bidding to this event. She’s the new rodeo rider who will be helping us out!

Is there anyone out there in our audience who uses Old Spice products besides myself? I want to see if I can also get them for a sponsor. I use darn near everything they make because I like to smell great. My Dad was an Old Spice cologne and aftershave guy. My good friend Carol got me a great gift set in 2014 for Christmas and even though there are 6 bars of soap in their packaging, I’ve been through 2 sets so far and half way through another one. Darn fine stuff. Do you think we have a chance to get them as a sponsor? Let’s see and let me know if you ever use them. Who would have thought of that? My biggest mentor I am guessing.

At $100 for early registration it’s possible we could have quite a few people signing up. I just read a review of our 2002 Chess Festival by Ken Calitri in the 2002 Chess Life and it was a template for success. The only noticeable weakness of the review was that it never mentioned where my address was so people could call me! So it is Davenport, Iowa 563-271-6657.

P.S. If you have yet to sign up for the FREE Chess Gazette publication, send me your complete name and email address and we will keep you on the mailing list and tell you more about the Chess Jamboree for 2017.

Bob & Jack


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