The Holy Grail for Elo 1200s?

One of the toughest assignments for me as a bookseller is: “Can you get me a book suited for players rated 1200-1400?”

Usually this didn’t perturb me too much because I knew of no such book. Many authors and or publishers would tout some piece of baloney which I had passed on because I could tell that the advice in it had NO understanding of what the 1200-1400 rated player really wanted to accomplish. It happened to me again yesterday but I had a “solution,” or, I am pretty sure I had a solution.

The First Problem!

Most chess players hate it when some guy (usually guys) lord it over them. They ask questions about your library, your Elo, how you do against chess players (so they can tell you how THEY do against chess players!)

None of this gets you anywhere. If you stuck with chess it’s a sort of miracle isn’t it? What you have is HOPE, not a bad place to start.

The Second Problem!

Recommendations. How many people do you know who will take a book suggestion? Probably not many, maybe not even yourself. Why? Requires doing something instead of hoping for a “miracle.” For example, “Tom is such an ass, I need a miracle to put him in his place.” Good luck with that.

Do you know what Tom won’t suspect? That you will actually do something to put him down. He most likely knows you. Do you know you?

Well, I Have a Suggestion!

It came to me last night while I was working. It’s not a book, it’s two books! A big one and a little one. The price is affordable ($40 including shipping in the USA). How to get it? The details will be in issue #210 of the next issue of the Chess Gazette, which by the way, is free! A free subscription to show you some ideas, over time, of what has been learned at the Chess Butler’s place in the last few years. Oh yeah, did I mention it was FREE? Kind of hard to believe and hard to beat? Why not try it out? Contact the Chess Butler at First issue should be out about the first of November. Second surprise? The PDF publication comes out twice a month! Will need your first and last name and of course your email address. Nothing is really sacred if you want to know the secrets.

As my teenage son used to say to his brother, “Do I have to tell you twice or three times? Is there an echo in here?” If so, you aren’t that interested in beating that snot-nosed guy you were complaining about. Get interested, it will only cost you a moment. You are reading this aren’t you?

From the universe which brought you:

Bob & Jack

You know the email address.


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