For the Chess Jamboree next year, August 18-20, 2017. Our early registrant lives in California to be closer to grandkids I believe he said. Before that, it was Arizona and before that it was Illinois.

He’s so excited about meeting GM Simon Williams that he has already allowed me to charge his credit card $100 to be the first one to register! That’s what I call ACTION. Others have told me they are coming, this fine fellow proved it (of course he has been a long time customer).

He said he has been out of chess for a while, and, I did notice that. But, like Paul Newman in the “Color of Money” he’s back!

ChessBase Kudos

He picked up our CB-BUDDY which was our assistant for using the ChessBase program. He paid $35 for it and loves it!


He said, and I have to agree (because I wrote it)  because it went at his pace with the features you need to know and not lots of extra you don’t need to know in the beginning. In other words, let’s get started! If I remember correctly there were (4) issues plus one Bonus, around 80 pages. That’s it! He said he tried to use “Help” from ChessBase and it was a disaster.

Not surprising. Par for the course, those who created the program are not suited for explaining the program. Odd eh? Not really.

Lately I have been trying to catch up on other things and invariably I am either incredibly dumb or the explanations ASSUME too much! Here’s the thing you inventors, explain better. If it is too much for the student, can’t they just skip past the “too many details part?”

Sales of this item were not bad, they were emailed in parts. $35.00 so that it was not overwhelming. Yours will arrive as a PDF. It’s easy to read because there are many screen shots with explanations and examples. The idea was to teach you how to get started and how to use it so that you can start “annotating” yours or other games.

I have been a witness to those who bought CB and have it on the computer but who are afraid to get started! Just remember, nothing is that hopeless–after all you own a PC and are using that!


That’s it. No S&H, no taxes. No membership fees, etc. Start using within 1 hour.


Yesterday I announced the 3 volume Purdy set, over 800 pages, for fifty bucks ($49.95) + $8.95 for S&H. Two were snapped up immediately. I have about ten sets left, or maybe it is 9. You, as a potential owner of a $135 set of books will find out WHY Purdy was considered one of the best annotators and instructors for chess of ALL-TIME. Often swiped, never duplicated. We are his publisher since 1991 through an arrangement with the late Dr. Ralph Tykodi. A super fan. Get ’em while we got ’em.

As an aside Ralph was so impressed with how the books turned out he had us do his Magnum Opus, a 500-page book, in hardcover, of his work in Thermo-Dynamics, a subject a lot more difficult than learning chess! Sorry, they are all gone. But it was an example to show we can even do complicated work (thanks to my son Nate).

More stuff tomorrow.

Bob & Jack



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