When the “Obvious” Isn’t!

Over the years, starting about 1985, in my typesetting and publications business I have used lots of PCs and Macs. Over 13-14 at the last count. I have seldom played games on them (my grandson will do that, and now he has his own computer. But when he is at my place he likes the Mac.

You probably have a PC. I now have two and that is to run ChessBase software such as ChessBase13.

With my businesses it is all about productivity. Life has been far from perfect so I am constantly looking for the Brass Ring. No longer do I think I have found it, I just move forward and look for ways to learn something that will improve sales.

I know there are Bloggers out there who love their blog and who love telling people STUFF!

I have two goals at this Blog Site:

  1. Improve your love for chess as I have done for more than 50 years.
  2. Sell things which help you with #1. I do not apologize for being a salesman and no one should. Sales people are absolutely necessary, greedy bastards are not!

There is nothing like giving your opponent a whipping and nothing like preventing your opponent from whipping you.

Which beings me to: C.J.S. Purdy. Some of you know, by now, that I am working on an unpublished Purdy book. The last title I gave it came from the Manuscript” Secrets of the Chessboard. Someone else typed up the manuscript I received from Robert Jamieson in Australia, a friend of Purdy’s. It’s readable, but there weren’t always page numbers so solving this jigsaw puzzle has been time consuming to say the least. We’re shooting for 2017.

But before I get to that I am looking at the last 3 Purdy books with special attention to the third one: INSIDE LOOK AT WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR CHESS? If nothing is wrong with your chess you must be winning when you play, and your rating is higher than a skyscraper. Chess players often boast, within my hearing, but I don’t usually hear boasting about sky high ratings or a very low loss ratio.

This series “Inside Look” was originally published as 4 books. It has now been condensed to three. 860 pages, 6×9 in size, written by the world’s first correspondence chess champion. Purdy was the people’s champion and a master writer, helped by his several publications (Chess World, Australasian Chess Review, and Check!

At this time I have about a dozen complete sets of these three books and I am on the fence about ever doing a reprint. Why? It’s a lot of work and money is the short answer. Their original retail was over $100, or $134.85 to be exact. Sitting on the shelves they are making me no sales and they’ve been paid for. Singlehandedly they are among the best instruction books on chess published. Purdy also had friends like Reuben Fine, Al Horowitz, and Irving Chernev. They traded publications and borrowed from each other but the “thinking” behind the games in Purdy’s books  was generally all Purdy’s. Purdy said that good chess, or maybe great chess, is wrapped up in seeing combinations! Is there anyone who will dispute this? Doubtful. Well, reach for your wallet because I have a deal for you which will knock you on your keister! All (3) for only $49.95!!! Plus some shipping costs of $8.95 to include insurance. Mint condition!

I’m Not Finished!

As I wrote yesterday I got in a big parcel from Amritsar (India). There were two major items inside:

The Grand Turk, with black leather bottoms, at least 3-4 of them. 4″ King. I gazed at replacement pieces for a special customer and it literally choked me up that something could be so beautiful, and more useful than a Diamond Ring (don’t let the ladies hear this unless they would get this set for you. There was a price increase, as I warned 6-8 months ago and I suspect there will be more of these as it took quite a while for me to get these, The set with the green felt bottoms were $995 and the set with the black leather bottoms was now $950.00.

It’s getting near to inventory time again, a job I absolutely detest. (Wanna help me?) I have been working on my bookkeeping, almost non-stop, for the past 4 weeks to hand over to my accountant, and let him worry about it.


Dropping a price isn’t the only way to make a sale, but I still owe for this box I got in yesterday so I have to do something to make you drool and the only thing I can think of, at the moment, is terms of payment! In July I sold 4 sets at $500 each to people who I am sure at first never thought they would have the money to get the Grand Turk. I sold out of them!

Something must’ve happened. One of the buyers said to me he had admired this set (from afar) for years. I admired them a long time ago when my craftsman was selling inferior versions of this magnificent Staunton set (which is not rosewood, sheesham wood, nor even ebony!) in budrosewood and boxwood. I have NEVER gone below this grade and do not intend to. You no doubt have seen pictures before. Don’t wait while I am looking for one. (Sight unseen, am I kidding? No, I am not.)

I have 4 of these Grand Turks in budrosewood (it dazzles like the beauty of a brand new piece of flooring) and boxwood. I will drop it, for the rest of this year below $950 to $750 to the end of this year or until I run out, whichever happens first. You can make 3 installment payments (I have never done this before but I got the idea from the Bradford Exchange. Payments of $250 for 3 monthly payments + $24.95 for S&H plus insurance. Here is the part you will like, I will ship this Staunton set with your first payment so you can examine and use to your heart’s content! Next month, another payment of $250 is due. And a month after that, your last payment is due. You satisfaction is completely guaranteed for 90 days.

This is one Heckuva Holiday Season Present!

I don’t expect them to last in inventory after Christmas. Your savings of $250 plus easy installment payments is bound to excite you.

If you should happen to want the Grand Turk with green felt on the base, please add $100 to your first payment.

Not Done Yet!

Most of you will want a container (in the biz they are called “caskets”) to put your pieces in. Last year we sold two different ones with green felting inside. The Taj Mahal and the Topkapi. I’ll show these photos in a day or two. These “boxes” will cost more than the set at this time and we only custom make them one at a time. The handling of the “floating” Kings in the boxes is priceless. Also, NO KEY, we use strong magnets to secure the lids. And, green felt all around. We are waiting for new quotes, but they will be in excess of $1,000 each. Some of our Blog readers own these items. Do you want a direct testimonial from one of them (no, not a relative!)

We also have nicely made, and almost seamless boxes for $125, black leather with green felt interior. Add $7.95 for S&H.  If you buy a set of the 3 Purdy books for $50 + S&H, we will sell the Black leather storage box to you for just $115.00!


The fellow relaxing in the Chair above is GM Simon Williams, from England. He will be here in 2017, Aug 18-20). Get your ticket now and save $50. Read previous posts for more information. Simon Kim Williams, a dangerous, deadly, and funny guy!

Supplies of everything listed here are definitely limited.

Bob & Jack



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