Whenever I have a UPS or FEDEX truck pull up in front of my abode I have to admit it feels like Christmas or the Holiday Season coming up.

Today is a short day as I have a lot of things to do, but:

A. My October surprise is the arrival of Grand Turk of Amritsar chess pieces (more details later). I had mentioned it many months ago about an October order, which was made and is now here! There was a price increase on the Grand Turk set, so I will have to increase my prices a little bit. But the GOOD NEWS is that they are here and need to be inspected when I get a few minutes. Both black leather bases and green felt plus the ultra gorgeous pieces. I tried to order the Gurkha set but it’s too late as those pieces need to be put into production (they are the 3″ King height version of the Grand Turk) and my craftsmen are too busy now with the Christmas Season. You can have a set put on layaway if you wish.

B. The black leather boxes are supposed to be in this package too. No price increase as far as I know from the billing sent to me.

C. The Mannheim 1914 book has been delayed for shipment to this Friday (a magnificent historical piece by the way–I am keeping one for myself). Four of the five are now spoken for. $59 + $5.50 for S&H. This price for S&H will be held for two weeks. I am looking more closely at my shipping costs now and the shipping to me was a lot more than what I charge to send to you! A lot more.

D. First Steps Colle and London are on the way here from the East Coast. This new series is a lot more detailed than the Starting Out series  (which from a player point of view was mostly pathetic). The writing seems a whole lot better too.

E. Some previously published Soviet chess books are back in print from Quality Chess and they are coming from the East Coast too. I won’t have the 33% discount which I was carrying a couple weeks ago because without some profit, I am dead meat but I will find another way to encourage you (I hope and pray).

F. Rick Rector wrote and said he loved the old Chess Gazettes format which I published in the 1990s and I may resurrect that name because there was some resonance from the 500 readers! Sign up if you haven’t yet, my goal is 1,000 subscribers. There will be no charge to subscribe. Activating all this will depend on Kari H. helping me get all this setup when she gets back from Canada. You will be given a Download Link in my emails to you, so it will be up to you to get the publication! Maybe make it look like a Western publication as I am a big fan of the West and wish I could afford to go to Las Vegas this Christmas. No plans at the moment but there are some plans for a delicious publication next year. My son Rob and I were discussing the details of it on FaceTime yesterday! I already have a sample and it is beautiful!

Enough for now.

Bob & Jack


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