Tony Gillam—Master Researcher!

Tony Gillam has been publishing about games and tournaments for a very long time. At one time I stocked all of his stuff, which even at a few bucks each would tap your wallet!

As I wrote yesterday, we are getting 5 more hard bounds of Mannheim 1914. Of those 5, Three are already spoken for so you will have to move fast!

I found a dissertation on this strange tournament on the internet. Here is what it said:

Gillam (Tony): Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians. The Chess Player 2014. Hardback. 522pp. 94 games (the other 5 are lost) from the Masters’ Tournament at Mannheimwhich was broken off when World War 1 began, with extensive notes. Alekhine won ahead of Vidmar, Spielmann, Breyer, Marshall, Reti, Janowski, Bogoljubow, Tarrasch, Duras, John, Tartakower, Fahrni, Post, Carls, Krüger, Flamberg and Mieses.   90 games from the lower sections (all that are known), many never published before, many with notes.   103 games from the tournaments played by the interned players in Baden Baden and Triberg, plus other games played in consultation, in matches and by correspondence. All the available games, many with notes.   Almost half the book, more than 250 pages, tells the full story of what happened when the tournament was broken off – a story never told before of the arrests, internments, the ones that got away. The author has attempted to follow all 40 Russians who were at Mannheim playing, reporting and spectating and to tell their stories. Magazine and newspaper articles are quoted from the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Australia and more. Alekhine’s story has some surprises!   The book contains (approximately) 373 games and 1 problem, 232 diagrams and 130 illustrations (photographs, maps, documents).   In early August 1914 there were 12 Russians left in Mannheim facing internment and by mid-1918 there were just 2 left. The book explains how and why.    This is one of the strangest stories in modern chess and it is has now been researched and recounted for the first time.”

My price is $59 for the book and $5.50 for S&H.

I will leak ONE of the facts about Alekhine, mentioned in the book: he wash’t just shot at he was hit in the leg while allegedly escaping the camp.

Anthony Gillam must’ve scoured every chess book that contained information that there was about this event because it is loaded with pieces of info about this war torn disaster. Two copies left to sell, he told me the package will be shipped this Monday.


Publishers don’t generally releas information on the number of books published for “obvious” reasons. Maybe it isn’t obvious so I will explain.

There is the “I will pick it up later” comment and you find out that “later” has a $100 price tag on it! Doesn’t matter what the reason is, it usually will cost more unless it isn’t about chess and even then…

It is clear that Tony had amassed a huge volume of material and he wanted to release it, while he could. You know, “not getting any younger” and all that.

I’ve published some expensive chess books, and apparently, if you are to believe, they aren’t getting any cheaper! And they must sell because next year they cost even more. Plus Amazon and some of their “sellers” are master manipulators! Don’t be shocked, it’s about greed. I only have so much space on my property. When have you seen Amazon put up a legitimate SALE? That’s right, never!

To quote that famous Roman orator, “Thanks A. Lotus”, there is not time like the present! I don’t know how often I will TAP the source because, unlike Americans, the Europeans still write, read, and buy chess books, such as New in Chess and they buy Tony’s stuff too just like I do.

Bob & Jack.


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