I was stunned recently when I wrote to my publishing friend Tony Gillam when he told me something I suspected but didn’t know for sure. I asked him if he was selling his books, in the USA, to others for resale (he mostly publishes tournament books of important but lesser known events). To anyone else besides Dale Brandreth and me (the Chess Butler). He said no, he wasn’t. That pretty much left Amazon and U.S.C.F. Chess Sales!

Chess Digest owner Ken Smith died a number of years ago. Who else is out there? I’ve been told it’s The Buffalo NY place (I don’t recall the name), and some spotty places around the country who must have a poor selection of titles.

Tony does a fantastic job on his books and especially his recent one MANNHEIM 1914. What a hardcover book! I’m afraid books like this will disappear the way of the dodo and to find out the great info inside it, the book will have to be done, all over again. Here’s what Tony told me about this treasure (I sold 5 copies of it, immediately!! At $59 and more are being ordered.)


“Nice to hear from you again so soon…The Mannheim book: 1) it has been wrongly advertised in some areas. They stress that it is a tournament book which is not true. 2) Over half the book is the story of what happened to the Russians at Mannheim after war was declared including a 3) detailed account of what happened to Alekhine. I think one of the most 4) attractive things about the book is the story, the illustrations and the short biographical pieces. 5) There are lots of things in the book that most readers will know nothing about. There is also a collection of all the findable games from the 6) interned tournament. Therefore a good collection of 7) early Bogo games.”

That’s seven important pieces of chess history! I just got an order for it a minute ago as I told a customer about it before I started writing this Blog piece! That’s not just action taken kind of stuff, it is HISTORY!! In spades. I think that is one reason my small series of “The Chess Gangs of New York and London” was so popular! I “may” do some more.

I will be ordering 5 more copies of Mannheim 1914, one is taken so get your orders in early! None of us publishers are getting any younger.


Publishing a magazine like “Chess Secrets” once a month is, in two words, “Not Enough.” I can fill out an issue in 2 weeks which causes thumb twirling the rest of the time. There is news and new books coming in constantly. To create a website like ChessCafe did some years back is not practical or efficient (nor, complete). Besides I can’t afford to pay the writers, and apparently, neither could anyone else!

The Chess Butler is going to do something he did successfully in the 1990s when I had over 500 subscribers. Back then I had the Chess Gazette printed and MAILED once a month and it was free! Even readers made contributions! The printing and mailing part was cool, but expensive. So I am going to EMAIL it to those with computer access who don’t mind downloading it to keep up to date! You won’t need CHESS LIFE. You won’t need that magazine’s monthly tournament listing which take up at least half the magazine!

It will be FREE, which should shock people who know I seldom give anything away (because people come to not appreciate it!)


It will come out on the first and 15th of the month. If any of those days are a Sunday, add a day, hence it might be the 2nd or 16th of the month!! Full of books (possibly some other items because we will accept advertising), reviews, commentary, and photos. We will accept written contributions (but we do not pay for them). All the material will be copyrighted by Thinkers’ Press. Most likely there will be advertising and other announcements, but why should you care? You won’t be paying for it!


• Your real first and last name.

• Your email address where we can notify you about the latest issue.

You will click on the link in that email sent to you and the issue (which may include a chess catalog) will be downloaded to you. Open it up and print it out to read at your leisure. That’s it!

If somehow you are reading this but do not have a useable email address you won’t get  free issues sent to you (it’s all handled electronically). I am trying to simplify getting something for just a little bit of your time but lots of my own time. Directions  for anything else you need to know will be in the newsletter.


With the next issue of Chess Secrets which will be #210. The name of the newsletter may or may not change. All those who currently get “Chess Secrets” will already be on the emailing list. If no longer want to be contacted, just sent an email to that effect to


• FREE Chess Newsletter twice a month.

• If you are currently not getting Chess Secrets, but want to get Chess Secrets, send me your real first and last name via email you want your issues sent to. First issue will be #210. Probably available near the end of October. Those who want catalogs emailed to them should be on this list too! Some issues may be shorter than others. After you get a link telling you what is available, you just click on that link and it will be downloaded to you. I think we could grow our list to 1,000 or more subscribers but receiving each issue will be dependent on your clicking the link which will be sent to you at least twice a month.. THANKS.


2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS ITEM! BIG BIG BIG

  1. MANNHEIM 1914 is the best bargain, best buy and down right the best book I bought in years. This is a book when they are all gone will easily sell for $100+ (my opinion) so I feel you will not lose your money. I also never buy a book to profit from it, I collect chess books. This book is so unique and so full of history you need this book if you love chess history.

  2. Got the Mannheim book a while back. Good stuff. Plus good to hear that Chess Gazette is coming back. Always liked the “straight poop” reviews and not just “jacket cover” stuff.
    Rick Rector

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