Dating Preferences

When I was much younger and interested in girls I remember looking forward to dates where it was important to wash the car, shave, shine your shoes, make sure your hair look decent, and not dress like a clown; the motives were clear: if a repeat performance was in the wind, or desire, one wanted to make sure that a first impression went over well. Of course now we know that what you say and how you reacted played an important part too. but the #1 biggie was the date’s day, that is, when it was going to happen and possibly, for how long?

So I take the dates of the coming CHESS JAMBOREE with all seriousness. Wrong day, bad results because nothing gets started at all.


My good friend and lifelong customer Ed Yee will be one of the sponsors of the CHESS JAMBOREE in 2017. So there is some deference there, makes sense, right? And the presenter we already know, GM Simon Williams. So of course it matters when he can come, right? Of course.

Yesterday I got a note from Mike Vuolo, who plans on coming. Here’s what he had to say about GM Simon Williams:

“Simon is a great entertainer.  Sense of humor that won’t quit, sharp, quick witted, that is what I get when I hear him as a commentator at during a game.  Between you and Simon I am sure you will have endless stories.”

Preference Dates (Below)

Please don’t tell me about the dates on which you aren’t planning to come or why other months are preferable. Here are the choices of what is available as of now:

AUGUST 2017:  11-13  /  18-20  /25-27

SEPTEMBER 2017:  1-3  / 8-10  / 15-17  /  22-24  / SEP. 29 – OCT. 1

It’s best if, initially, you give two weekend choices. We’re giving you almost a year’s notice. No one knows the Sinquefield dates (if any). Probably no Millionaire Chess event.

Your name, preference dates, and email address will be noted in my little black book on my desk or a spreadsheet. Details about what we will be doing and other important pieces such as WHERE will also be forthcoming. Steven Doyle, mega chess influencer from New Jersey said he is coming, and Mike Vuolo from the Chicago area is coming. Probably Bob Woodworth from Omaha also. Let me know.


I am always interested in early entrants and will reduce the price to get them. Thus: early entrants will be $100 !! After that, $150 per person. Will be on Saturday and Sunday. The reason I did list the day before was for Friday. Sometimes we go out to a local restaurant and chum it up with everyone. We will also charge $20 to pay for the simul entrance fee (for Sunday) but you will also get the board and set to take with you. Simon will most likely autograph your board IF you ask him. But, I need to know how many boards and sets to get, so please let me know soon.

This is just initial information. Lots more to come. Seating according to your sign up speed if there is a need for a preference! This is the latest posting for the 2017 CHESS JAMBOREE.

Bob & Jack

Of course there will be books and souvenirs for sale from the CHESS BUTLER.


One thought on “Dating Preferences

  1. Bob:

    First off, a big thanks to Ed Yee for his role in sponsoring this event. Actually he in combination with you and Simon should set the date. But since you asked, Aug. 11-13 or Aug. 18-20 would get my vote.


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