Making Your Preferences Matter!

At this moment, and at my desk, I am eating some Progresso soup. Tomato with Basil in it! I had it for the first time about a week ago and my reaction was, “Hey, this is pretty good!” The unusual (for me) can be like that.

I am thinking of an “art book” involving chess and perhaps a couple other things and I could use your “voting help.” Nothing to do with the sad state of affairs of politics, just some “I like this, I like that” type of thing.
First I want to put the world champions in it starting with Steinitz. Don’t worry about Morphy because it’s my book and if I want Morphy to be in it, he will be. Maybe Anderssen too. Perhaps Paulsen who after Morphy left the scene was one of the strongest chess players ever in those days.

What Do I Want?

Simple. Your two cents worth! I call this “painless chess history.” I should probably put this request on Facebook but there are so many monkeys on it that there is an easy chance to get sidetracked. That is, people contacting me about other stuff that does not pertain to chess history and art.

At the moment I have a notebook on my desk for your suggestions, and who you are. If you have an email address, give me that too. I like to contact those who help me. You know, you’ve seen books where the author wants to thank everyone involved. A gentlemanly idea and endeavor.

Also, looking for those chess dudes and dudettes where there is a known picture of them. For example, Deschapelles. I found one picture of one of the most boastful egomaniacs in chess history! I suppose that is redundant, but Jeremy Spinrad wrote about him at and Spinrad’s account of him was quite entertaining. Not sure that is what I am looking for, but will put him on the list to sort later. Some of the photos or pictures are of meagre quality so that could be an issue.

Will there be a volume 2? Let’s see how vol. One does in the beginning. Will start taking your votes NOW at

Also, there is a good likelihood that the CHESS JAMBOREE will be held in July of 2017. At the end of July is usually the British Chess Championship so we may as well forget that weekend as well as the weekend in the middle of July. So if you would like to vote for weekends other than these two, I will pass them on to GM Simon Williams.

It is easy to blow stuff like this off but if you could make an exception to your normal behavior (that is, ignoring stuff (perhaps you would favor me with a weekend in July of 2017, and name a person or two in the World Chess Hall of Fame art book, or whatever it will be called. Rob and I will do our best to make it entertaining and beautiful. A legacy type thing without the high cost.

Thanks folks.

Bob & Jack (the 2-year old speed demon great grandson)


One thought on “Making Your Preferences Matter!

  1. Paulsen? No. Try Bird because of the new McFarland book which you’ll love.

    Simon Williams doesn’t play every British, the shortened Championships may not be in his cross-hairs anyway. The venue is Llandudno, a 9 rd. Swiss which you could Google for clarification as to dates. The sponsorship often comes late to GMs, if at all. So gets your dates nailed (as if you wouldn’t).

    Hope all is well, Bob.




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