Special Quality Chess Huge Sale List!

Was supposed to go out last night. Something didn’t work right and it was a time sensitive thing. I must have done something wrong and even though Kari told me what, I haven’t discerned yet what goes into what box on the server because no names are attached. Hopefully will send it out tonight because there is a large discount of 33% on 59 Quality Chess Items.

This is why it is helpful to sign up for this blog but then again, if you haven’t, how would you know about that message?

The big promotion is 5 books retailing for $29.95 each can be had for under $100! It’s crazy, but only $99.75 + a little for postage. If you want the PDF just tell me so and I will email it to you. List is 6 pages long.

Is anything perfect? Well, my Dr. told me I could start driving again! But what’s of more importance right now is sales of fantastic books at 33% off. I am supposed to get more words on Vol. 3 of the Tal series which as far as I know, never appeared.

If you are in Florida, watch out. Crazy times down there. Sarah is in Orlando.



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