Andy Soltis… his books

Asked my long time friend Andy Soltis if perchance he had a list of all the books he had written on chess.

Nope! Andy probably doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of a mirror either.

Wouldn’t be surprised if my Nebraska buddy Bob Woodworth or my NY buddy Andy Ansel had or could create such a list but I welcome all such lists from anyone out there, to cross reference and miss nothing. Andy’s been writing for a long time. You will be acknowledged.

Look forward to hearing from any of you about this. He said Wikipedia has some listed, but probably not everything.

Thanks patrons,

Bob & Jack

P.S. The first books for our Chess to Enjoy program will go out tomorrow to the three who have already signed up. I was able to get 3 copies that no one else has and I have books lined up for next week too. This is really a good and sensational idea and if you join the extra gifts can lead to some mind blowing stuff. (You see, that’s the way it works. I have found some things that I will specially price, including Fischer’s First Day as world champion, Larsen’s autograph on a Fischer-Taimanov cover and who knows what else? All in a big box in my bedroom. And there’s more boxes. BTW did I ever tell you I was in touch with the Iranian post office many years ago about their chess on stamps thingie? Cool story. Sometime I will let it out. What I meant about “the way it works” is that those who sign up, join, whatever, the Butler’s programs will be first on my “Holy Cow” list. Trust me. And there’s stuff I am looking into that so far I have only told one collector about. This makes it desirable and in the end, valuable. Giving away something for FREE has no value, and in the marketing business it is called “The FREE line.” More stuff in time, will blow your socks off if you wear them!


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