It Finally Happened!

Being fed up with browsers, email programs, relay programs we now have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site thanks to my old webmaster and good friend Kari.

Here’s what this all means if you are a subscriber to CHESS SECRETS or MORPHY’S TIMES & GAMES magazine (no time like the present to subscribe). When a new issue is ready in PDF, subscribers will get an email with a LINK to click on. When you do that, it will automatically go to a server on the net, retrieve that file, and send it to you!

It won’t matter what your browser is nor whether it is on your phone, desktop, or iPad. It also won’t matter if there are a lot of pictures or copy, you will get it all. No extra charge.

No more will the Chess Butler feel constrained. I love this.

Kari showed me how this afternoon and so my next issue will be September 2016. Even though it is near the end of the month you will get #208 (I think it is). Same for catalogs.

Same for announcements of the next CHESS FESTIVAL. I hope you will use it.

It will take a few days to test it. It won’t be a “surfing site.” For the time being there will be an access link. If you don’t have a computer you can access the link from other sources such as libraries, a friend, etc.

Maybe this will make you happy enough to subscribe. “Morphy” is $99 and quite good I think. 12 issues probably around 200 pages. “Chess Secrets” is $25 for a year, or for the remainder of issues, 5 issues, $20. Personally, I think this will be great!




2 thoughts on “It Finally Happened!

  1. Bob I think you meant to say the remaining issues this year is $10 not $20 for Chess Secrets? Hope you are doing well. Chess Festival sounds great. Hope it develops.

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