Few flowers this time, just straight to the point.

I. THE MYERS OPENINGS BULLETIN. 18 issues. From the 1980s to the 1990s. Incomplete, but lots of fat issues. Unusual openings, and opinions on everything. There’s good ideas and stuff in each issue and in total I don’t know how many different ones there were. Myers wasn’t perfect, none of us are, but these issues are worth $10.00 each and maybe more to those who might want to fill some holes. I don’t have time to do research on what’s in each, why or where to get more. But for $100 you will get your money’s worth. You don’t want to take a chance? I will send them back to the owner. You have until Oct. 15 to make up your mind. Postage and packing is $10.00.

II. SECRETS OF OPENING SURPRISES. Issues 1-14, 14 copies. Edited by Jeroen Bosch. Great opening finds (games). Surprise the dinosaur crap out of your opponent. Retail is about $22 each and worth it. Everything from oddball to mainline losing. Real players and games. Lousy cover artwork but content is king. Like new condition. $169.95. + postage and packing in USA for $15.95.

III. MAGAZINES. I have Complete and Incomplete Years of Chess Life and Chess Life and Review at reasonable prices, no time to list today. But they are crowding for space in my living room and more. (Expecting company.) Priced in the coming days and weeks, reasonably.

IV. KASSIBER. Details coming. An incomparable photo and chess art file. Big price reduction because it is in German (which shouldn’t matter, but it does). More details later, about 40 issues.

Bob Long • 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803

Anything Good to Sell?

What do I mean by Good? Usually it is stuff you don’t want to sell!! I sell on consignment so I can usually get a higher price for you. Should be in good to great condition. No inside handwriting, paw prints, hi-kiting, ink! I give you half. Don’t send anything at first. If I have a buyer I will let you know. I have seen just about everything in chess literature during the last 35 years. People are not afraid to pay good money for good things (those are chess collectors, not chess players). I don’t need Cessolis or cantankerously old stuff as it shortens one’s life span to deal with tight asses where $$$ mean more than time and enjoyment. Got questions? Give me a call at 563-271-6657.

Hey, thanks.

Straight shooting Bob



2 thoughts on “BUNCHES OF BOOKS (B.O.B.)

  1. Hi Bob

    I would actually like to buy something from you; the Myers opening bulletins! Let me know how much the postage will be to England and I will send the money over.

    Myers was always good for original ideas.


    Sent from my iPhone


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