Your Opponent IS Over-rated!

This is the title of a book coming out in November which we will carry. Before you dismiss this as another example of a book trying to take your “hard-earned” money let me tell you something about it. The author is FM James Schuyler. He has written before. He is quite all right.

Schuyler gives a raft full of explanations as to why players do what they do and sometimes succeed. I used to spend weekends thinking up ways of beating my opponent for the upcoming Tuesday Club Clash. Because my system was usually successful I had to deal with cagey “directors” who had their own agenda based on treachery, deceit, and anything to give them an advantage. If you don’t think players do this you are in one word, naive.

I never realized the darkest natures of some chess people until one day my wife informed me about jealousy and envy, even at chess.

Years later a girlfriend told me that an employee was hitting on me with nefarious motives. The fact I had no interest in this person missed the point she said. She wanted to prove she was better than the girlfriend I already had. No chance!

This book by Schuyler will probably make it onto my CHESS TO ENJOY list (have you already forgotten that promotion?). It’s a ways off but I have to get my order in. It’s 224 pages and a modest $24.95. It’s now at the printer. Soon I will have another promotion for CTE so please watch for it! At 30% OFF you would get the book for about $17.50! A fascinating work whose main purpose is to aid you in beating the stronger player. Andy Soltis has one coming out that attempts the same thing, called, David vs. Goliath Chess. I have an advance copy, looks terrifically Soltisian! This too is for the younger ones amongst us. Get our Chess Secrets Newsletter for only $10.00 for the rest of the year. All are welcome at: The Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. Send us your email address and get a sample copy for FREE. We need your name too.

Still struggling to get a webmaster. A former one I thought I had begged off as she got a regular job and she maintains she doesn’t have the time. That’s why web designing costs so much.
Stay well Pardner!

Bob & Jack


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