Another One Bites the Dust!

Years ago I hired a lady to use Word Press to create a website for people who wanted to find a lifetime partner using the Internet! The book I sold was $14.95, not going to exactly break the bank. I used my own methods to meet Carol, what a woman!

Carol died last year and after several years I closed down the website. But recently I contacted the web designer to see if she could set up another website where my customers who were subscribers could download my latest products. She declined, said she took a job and had no time. Amazing no!?

At one time web designers were literally everywhere, even in the proverbial woodwork. The easy road to dollars folks found out it takes a lot of time and effort to stay up with the current fads, technology, and all the rest.

What about my lists? You know the stuff that we email to potential clients? That’s the hard way, and I still do that. Recently my relay IP people were involved and I had to go to the bathroom and get into a bottle of aspirin. I took 600 pills to cope with the headaches I was going to have and the only thing which worked when it came to deliverability was God to the Rescue. The headline was:


Getting a good headline takes lots of tries, but this one seems to work but I am not sure why.

I got a lot of answers, I think, because a lot of people really did believe I was having a pile of trouble with my internet providers. This, I dare say, only came after many years of trusting that we will deliver in 2017. I’ll have more details later, but if you would like to be on the “Why Me?” list just let us know.

Some of you might remember that on page 10 of the Gambit books newsletter that I offered two chess postcards with Special Cancels, and 15-16 autographs of famous chess players (almost 50 years ago). Some of them were grandmasters back when there weren’t very many of them! A collector from Sweden saw it and purchased it immediately, so, sorry if you were waiting for a better time or a lower price, those postcards were gone like the wind. I’ve known that collector for years and finally, perseverance won out!

Now that was good news and I have some more! A lot of people who hadn’t signed up for the Chess Festival in 2015 are now ready for the Chess Jamboree in 2017! What was the difference? I’ll have to ask them. Are any of us getting any younger? Maybe one morning they woke up and saw things in a new light. If we can find a couple mini-Sponsors we might be able to bring one more GM! An American one!

At any rate things are looking up. And the way I have always done it is First-Come-First Served, for the front row seats. And, you are allowed to take discreet pictures.

By the Way

People answering have been kind enough to tell me Summer or October for the event so getting your vacation plans in order would be a good thing! I guarantee!! Simon Williams is busier than ever and his hair is still ginger colored. Still has his sense of humor.

If you want to be put on the 2017 list let me know.

TIP: If you haven’t seen SULLY yet, run, don’t walk to your movie theatre. Tremendous job by Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhardt and Clint Eastwood.

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