God didn’t invent tomorrow, we did! Always plenty of time for the NEXT 24 hours.

Today I am closing in on our latest Chess Book catalog, for GAMBIT books. In the past week I have gotten two big shipments of books and one of them was from the almost “forgotten” chess publisher Gambit. Together with some new Gambit books, some recent ones, and some older inventory I thought it was due time to take a closer look at what Gambit was up to.

Most chess players and collectors I know would prefer a real, and solid, book to an e-Book which most of us know we will never look at. When people look at their phone what are they after? Facebook, not an eBook on how to improve your endgame strategy. For sure.

When I finish a project it is often right before or right on a weekend, and the response is pretty sleep inducing. But if I wait until Monday there is always some important business reason to delay it a few more days and then, once again we are faced with the weekend. It is a true “aaargh” moment.

But if I finish it today (debatable) is will go out tonight, probably. The weather is a tad cool out but somewhat cool. Maybe a walk is needed.

What I Do Want To Say Is…

Gambit has produced some very fine chess books, and, they still are. If you haven’t gotten a catalog from us before ask for one if you have an email address and a name. It’s FREE and covers the BEST of Gambit including the “valuable”mnemonics  systems he espouses!

Have a superb weekend chess guys.

P.S. It appears that the USA is doing well in the Chess Olympiad.


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