Blog Subscribers are Up!

People are paying attention to these pages, so it will be up to me to keep providing them with useful content, rather than just entertainment.

Yesterday I proposed the purchase of the Kasparov DVD in ChessBase’s world champions series. While I realize that chess players/collectors, etc. can take longer to make a buying decision than they do to make a move on the chessboard, my gut told me they weren’t interested for a lot of reasons: cost, Kasparov, they’ll never be as good as a player like Kasparov, and, etc.

As to the “I’ll never be as good as Kasparov” argument that might be true, but it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t learn something really valuable from him!

While I admit that often he talks much faster than I would like, I have no trouble understanding him. But there is a genius about all really strong players that we don’t see played up in the press, it is that they are good at delving (in chess) and compacting a bunch of useful information into a sentence or two. Some might call them nuggets.

While I am working on my next Catalog

I am picking up lots of extraneous pieces of helpful info…Now if I could pick up a way of remembering all of them!

Useless Information we Spout!

“I already have too many books!” No one cares to listen to this, really. I mean, really.

In one way I am lucky and not in other ways. I live alone and I have a bathroom upstairs and downstairs. Laden with books I might not otherwise read. My Dad used to call the bathroom his “throne room.” Perfect.

Right now what I am reading, sort of for the second time, is Andy Soltis’ Chess to Enjoy. And boy, am I. There was a time I didn’t give a hoot about the origins of chess, but Andy makes it interesting, or as one guy said to me recently, “Maybe we’ve grown up.” Probably true. If  you can get this book, do so. If you have it, reread it. You may have forgotten how fun chess life can be.

You might want a copy of the new catalog when it is released. No charge. Bargain prices. In depth details, surprises, and discoveries. And who knows maybe you will add a couple books to your library or JOIN the “Chess to Enjoy” library. Already three have! Starts September 26th.

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