I Will Sell DVDs IF you give specifics!

For years I sold DVDs from ChessBase and other organizations, overall, lots of them. But sales slumped over time and it wasn’t worth the economics to keep beating a dead horse! DVDs were being copied, bit torrent outfits were ripping off ChessBase. ChessBase probably had the money to go after them, but for their own reasons, chose not to.
Recently in CB’s Master Class series #7 was released and it was about Garry Kasparov. This one DVD is 9 hours and looks particularly impressive! I watched Dorozhenko for a while and I liked what Dorian had to say about Kasparov’s handling of the Sicilian. It made me appreciate the opening more and Kasparov even more!

To me that’s the advantage of this series.

So I will state that if you want me to get this DVD about Kasparov’s chess playing skill, just tell me. I do not yet know the price but I can find out. It looks like one I should own. In the mean time I do have a few of the others in the World Champions series.

P.S. For all those aging 4 Horsemen!

Are you concerned about your chess abilities going south as you get older? I am and I know others are, but I have HOPE to offer you!

No, it’s not to enter a SENIOR event but if you want to, go ahead.

My buddy since 1969 is John Blackstone, a Life Master originally from California and now resident of Las Vegas for many years.

John told me this morning that some weeks ago he was inveigled to pick up his pawns and play a few games, like on an every Wednesday basis. The sad news was John lost some (a bunch) games! But you are probably thinking, “No surprise!” as he hadn’t played in quite awhile.

But the Good news was, after some more Wednesdays, he began to WIN! And frequently. He feels he is back in the groove. Great! He’s enjoying chess again and beating his wise-assed opponent! He thinks that will continue.

I know the feeling. A couple years ago my son Nate’s wife asked him how our games were going and he ruefully replied, “He’s beating me all over again!”

Then, a passage of time, and we played some more 15 minute games. After my auto-accident my eyesight was crap. And this time he could report, “I’m beating the old man again” which lifted the spirits of his son, Alex. Pshaw!!

So it’s time to get back in the buggy because some new lenses are helping me somewhat! The whole point is to read this and NOT give up. Anyone can do that! Fight on ya little pervert!

Better than that, all the books I am reviewing lately have ONE MISSION statement: “Get out your books and start going over games again!” They mean it. I’ve been working on the Purdy MS some more and he keeps saying that. So why aren’t you? You going to give me that “I don’t have time stuff?” Your excuse, not mine. Remember when someone else said, “Make time!” They weren’t kidding were they?

Bob & Little Jack


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