I am in possession of what appears to be an unpublished manuscript by C.J.S. Purdy!!

Robert Jamieson sent it to me a year or two ago. We are in the process of making heads or tails of it because it is typed and written on paper which isn’t in the best condition. We are trying to find Purdy’s continuity to all of this to get everything in the right order.

The title, as he has it is, SECRETS OF THE CHESSBOARD.

Some serious thinking went into this manuscript. Some things he has mentioned before, some appears brand new. All of it is interesting, as it should be, coming from a Master Chess Teacher and World Correspondence Chess Champion from 1955-1958.

Purdy was a very bright man. In his day he read Lasker, Tarrasch, and others as well as formed his own opinions. In detail. He also worked for Military Intelligence in WWII for Australia.

He quotes Capablanca and Nimzovitch (that’s how he spells him). He’s was still writing about combinations and about “reducing the element of chance in your games.” Some of you read him a long time ago and so this will be an updated refresher course.

He offers facts which fly in the face of what people really do. He met Fischer and got along with him famously well. He writes (in this manuscript) that Fischer was much different in person than he was in public, but if you have read what I have said over the years after meeting Fischer several times, you probably know that! To put it simply a lot of media people were after headlines and a story. Accuracy? That was a whole ‘nuther thing. And they are still missing the boat! CNN, for example, slants the new toward Hillary. If she stumble or Trump makes some kind of breakthrough, Hillary will be tossed under the bus in a NY second!

It’s hard to put a price on this book because of all the work entailed in retyping the manuscript (one year of Saturdays), conversion from DN to algebraic, making corrections and sorting everything out. I have no axe to grind with Fischer, neither did Purdy. In fact Fischer subscribed to Purdy’s Chess World before it ceased publication in 1967.

The part I like is that it appears to be the last thing Purdy worked on! I’ll have to guess the price, maybe $20-40 !? It might even be part of my Chess to Enjoy program (see previous days’ blog posts). I would like wide distribution. I doubt if there is a photo of Purdy together with Fischer but if I could get one, it would be on the cover. Would that fascinate you? It would me.

Plus, I want to include a typical Purdy chess lecture. We have one!

We’re moving on up folks. Want to join the ride? Contact:

Bob (info@chessbutler.com) or 563-271-6657.

PS: You might also want to read the Blogs for the past week.


2 thoughts on “I HAVE PURDY’S BOOK TITLE!

  1. I am working on it. Unfortunately the pages are jumbled up, some are numbered, some are not, and in a few cases there are duplicate page numbers but not duplicate content. But, we must on. I don’t even have a way of knowing if ALL the pages are here. There’s a lot of pages! I need enthusiasm from others to finish the project.

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