Remember this book jacket? It was a fine publication by Andy Soltis though some of the stories were contrived from thin air (with respect to the words used!) Because Andy wasn’t actually there! Still, made for good story telling.

Today I got an email from Andy and it said:

Hi Bob,
What a clever idea? Chess to Enjoy!
I like it.
Grandmaster Soltis and I have always gotten along well, so I will take his comment as a compliment rather than trying to rip off his book title. We’ve even done some books written by him.
Yesterday I sent out over 500 emails to people on my list about “Chess To Enjoy.” It was about my new Chess to Enjoy program and Andy apparently liked it. It’s about building a chess library and even guys like GM Soltis build libraries. I can tell he thinks it’s a good idea for everyone to do so. Actually, some of my best ideas come from books. Books take time to write, proof, and format. It’s NOT about how much ink is put onto the page.
They are also about pleasure and instruction! Maybe even doing both at the same time!
At the moment, before I started this Blog, I was detailing a book written by Purdy. The pages in some parts appear to be in the wrong order. So I was noodling. Then I found out how much fun I was having in reading his manuscript. There were some delightful stories in this book (unnamed title so far). I want to READ my own to-be published book! How about that?
It looks like a book Purdy was working on before he passed away. And here is a maxim: Most books are less expensive when they are first released rather than waiting 10 years! Then someone may discover a gem in it, the word spreads and  then the offers on Amazon (and elsewhere) go sky high! I can sort of explain that: It’s about Desirability!
Can’t remember if it was Gary Halbert or David Ogilvy who first said it, but someone said when the book comes out, if it is aimed at the wrong market, has a mediocre cover, typos and just all around inattention to detail, the public doesn’t warm up to it very well. Some reviewers who shouldn’t even BE reviewers, unless they are shills, can’t review good OR bad books. They are of no help except to tell others how many books they have reviewed! But were the reviews accurate???
But, all it takes is ONE very observant person to notice something GREAT about the book and the author becomes extremely happy! I can give an amazing example. Eugene Schwartz in 1966 wrote a book called Breakthrough Advertising. Not a particularly hypnotic title was it? It wasn’t too expensive and it was only released in Hardcover. I went to Amazon to see what the “reviewers” had to say. One was quite accurate: ( There were good reviews, by professionals, and weak reviews by either those who only read it once or who didn’t get it at all, but I had read it. It is every bit as good as the professionals say it is. I paid $90 for my copy. Libraries DID have copies stolen from their shelves (not every library, not every shelf, but copies were taken as I had visited a library where there was no copy available!) In 2004 it was finally reprinted. I don’t feel bad about that. It was worth my time. Sometimes one little thing will spark an idea. Chess to Enjoy for example. I went outrageous, offered a great deal and contacted others who I had hoped would feel the same as myself. When I heard from Andy Soltis, it gave me a very positive JOLT.
I know that what I am asking for, over a year, looks like a lot of money, and to some it no doubt is. After all, I paid the maximum of what this program promises for one month (i.e., the maximum, up to $90 for 3 books!) for ONE book. The average book price these days is $24.95. Take a 30% discount, that gets you a book for $17.46. Add $3.99 for S&H and the amount is $21.45. 3 average titles in one month comes to $64.35. For many that is affordable and the reason I know is that some time back the average book order I would receive was around $60 without the shipping costs added in!
However I really want to make this doable so I am going to do something “against” my better judgment. TWO programs:
A. (The Great Mini Library) The regular one I offered several days ago for a year. This includes the Rewards program and a free chess philatelic cover every month. And… 36 great books.
B. (The Great Junior Library) A similar program for 6 months, 18 great books, same 30% discount but no philatelic covers, and no rewards program. Similar but not the same. With both programs both buyers will receive by first class mail, special offers (a good discount however, but not the 30% one).
If those sound like something YOU would be interested in, pick up that phone and call me at 563-271-6657 or email me at Try to imagine receiving a new chess book every 10 days (approximately) AND then going to town! If you spend any time at all with this program you were BORNE to succeed! Just signing up signals your positive intentions.
Get in touch with me now. Sundays I do take off that day, but get in touch today or Monday. Deadline for first issue is Sept. 26th for your first book!
Thank You by bibliophiles!
Bob & Jack “the builder”

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