2016 Chess Butler Catalog

Hopefully, it goes out today, this Friday to over 500 on our email lists. If you are reading this at the library of your choice that’s fine. Just to let you know that mailing a copy of this PDF, printed out, is expensive and time consuming. That’s why we email them.

On the cover of the Catalog

are 8 covers of Gambit chess books. Some recently new and a few older ones we haven’t carried in a while. But BECAUSE they are great and could help people I know they have been included again!

The game of chess is about Checkmate. If someone resigns, great. But, basically if you know the threats, the checkmate positions, you can engineer a RESIGNS or…learn how to do so.

Several new books to advertise that are in the pages of the catalog. By the way our 2016 Chess Butler Catalog is FREE, just request it. It’s at least 10 pages.


This is our new program whereby we ship new chess books at a 30% discount to you, every week, 3 times a month with a small $4 shipping charge for each shipment, one book per week. Already 2 have signed up and I am happy to say it was their idea to sign up. This is Library Building of quality literature, in the making.

Life shifts around, just ask politicians. But I want to keep you up on the new stuff and we will be having even more reviews such as of Sergey Kasparov’s book on the 3… Qd6 Center Counter. In fact the Center Counter is getting more airplay than almost anything else and REMEMBER, the Center Counter means White has played 1. e4! Fischer would’ve love it.

If you want to know the details of CHESS TO ENJOY just drop us a line for our FREE catalog at: info@chessbutler.com and request it.

Let’s have some fun almost every week!

By the way I hope you enjoy your Labor Day, maybe play in a weekend tournament, meet some new people, and, REAQUAINT WITH US.

Have fun!

Bob & Jack (he’s only 2 but we start them early!)

P.S. As we age we find chess can be more of a struggle than we have wanted. In the new book by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan (223 pages) called CHESS FOR LIFE this subject is handled adroitly by interviewing many top players such as John Nunn and Nigel Short (I’ve already read these two and they are great interviews). Nunn, like the rest of us, gets tired! Nigel Short tells us of his shortcut ways of handling things and his bet to reach 2725 first and get the reward of eating at a really fine restaurant.

It’s all laid out in this book. And unlike almost any Gambit book before, there are photos of those who are interviewed. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Who Was One of the Greatest Players to Learn from John Nunn?

Nunn got right to it when he said Emanuel Lasker! He gives the reasons why too. Lasker amazed Nunn.

Who else are dissected?

Seirawan, J. Polgar, Keith Arkell, Pia Cramling (very interesting interview), Terry Champman, Speelman, Tiviakov, and WIM Ingrid Lauterbach. With a few minor exceptions John Nunn gave up chess around 2000. He still wins medals but chess life is more ENJOYABLE and HARDER than it used to be. If this has happened to you, get this book (from our catalog of course) and do a little RELAXING. I’ve been preaching “relaxing” for years, now that the big guns have seconded this motion, maybe some of you will actually do it!


After my car accident a year ago, probably caused by a minor stroke, I finally went to my scheduled appointment with a Dr. Bugg (no kidding). She’s a Psychologist-Neurologist. The test was 2 hours. But good or bad, I finished it in 65 minutes! Parts of it was like an IQ test, but unlike one I had ever seen before (so, don’t worry). One area that I didn’t do great on was remembering a list of objects. I had that same problem when I was 12, so not much harm there. It doesn’t help much that most were uninteresting objects to me! But today I could remember some of those objects I couldn’t recall yesterday!!

I’ll know the results in a couple weeks and maybe I can get a car again and begin getting to the book and DVD stores. And physically, my eyesight is improving…so I hope you use yours to scan the catalog being sent out today…and either send us the FAT order you have been waiting to send (and there are bonuses too!) or sign up for CHESS TO ENJOY!

LATER Gators.

Bob & Jack



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