Friday I released a lengthy missive (letter) on a UNIQUE and interesting idea for building an excellent chess library that was not only affordable, enjoyable, but useful.

Then I started listing all the possibilities in a 3 page brochure published inside the pages of the September issue of Chess Secrets. It even included discounts of 30% on new selected books.

The thrust of the concept is to buy a book a week for 3 weeks of each month! As the start date of CHESS TO ENJOY is Sept. 23rd, one of the books to be offered is GM Zenon Franco’s Morphy move by move! A $29.95 book for $20.95! Expected late Sept. so it may not be the first in the series but it will be close to it. But, you won’t have to worry about missing new and good books!

The reason I am bring this up is that I hope you will sign up for an invigorating experience in chess and its entertainment. But I have made two adjustments to the original plan. These are presented in the Sept. issue of CHESS SECRETS. I will send that issue upon request, at no extra charge!

Since I don’t normally do any commercial work on Sunday, that’s about all I have to say today, but please drop me a line on Monday.

Perfect for gifts and unreasonably affordable. Kicks Amazon’s Ass. Plus every month there will be a free chess souvenir.


Bob Long

Editor for Chess to Enjoy


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