I’m still having issues with my bulk email relay provider. It must be nice to have so much business that you can’t get back to your clients until the following day.

I haven’t forgotten about the mailing catalog of all my books and other chess stuff for the price of a Self Address and Stamped Envelope. I knocked the envelopes on the floor the other day! That was the remainder.

Soon I will be postal mailing some postcards. The thing about the post office is, they deliver, email doesn’t always.

In the meantime, while I am working on a dozen different projects I want to announce a package deal in the Cyrillic alphabet. A 2 vol. set of books in a cream colored linen cover by GM Alexander Kotov, on his hero, Alexander Alekhine. From my collection. In the cyrillic typesetting, Excellent condition, and a plethora of games and pictures.

These don’t often come up, but I will sell this pair to get some postage money for $49.95, but this time you will have to add five bucks for shipping via USPS. I used to have another set in a completely different binding and cover coloration but can only find one of them now (waah).

I took Russian for 2 years when I was in college because I had entertained the thought of going for a PhD (piled higher and deeper!) in grad. school and we had to have a working knowledge of two important foreign languages to read foreign sources such as German and Russian. That was fun but nowadays I still have to use a dictionary. You can wend your way through these two Alekhine books and play through the games with nary a problem. I invite you to do so.

Prefer a check made out to Robert Long. First offer gets it and the result will be those two books won’t be on the final everything list. Maybe I will go out and get a decent dinner soon. Tired of cooking my own TV dinners.

Bob and Jack, the little one!

Payment can be sent to: Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport IA 52803



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