Suggestions Keep on Flowing in!

People keep suggesting possible Mini Chess Festival celebrities and that’s wild. Maybe later today I can publish an updated list. But there are four things to note:

  1. One voter who has been to several Festivals in the Past has offered to underwrite one of the suggestions he made. Now that’s what I call commitment and his choice is Grade A, USDA Choice.
  2. There is a name change. It will be the Chess Jamboree. The name Chess Festival has since been swiped by everyone and their brother and sister. I like to invent things rather than copy from someone else, but in the past 10-15 years there have been a lot of “Festivals” and I am getting tired of that. Is Rex Sinquefield the only other guy in the USA with a chess vision?
  3. If someone else wants to suggest a worthy candidate to sponsor, maybe we can have two! OR maybe two or three people could split the costs of sponsorship. If this event turns out well it would be the first time I made a profit if you can imagine that!
  4. But that may set up another problem. In the past when I had 3 people (chess celebrities) it meant 2 days and a little rest for everyone! That usually meant the last day was Sunday and then we had to deal with departure dates etc. Nightmare on Elm Street because of “lack of flexibility” by some attendees. Adding one extra day to be taken out of a vacation is just too much for chess apparently. Well, maybe this time people knowing this may be the last such event might change their minds. Because chess people play like it is poker, most don’t tell me what their preferences are so  have to guess. But I am always losing my crystal ball!

Anyway, just telling you some things may be different in 2017. Now is the best time to tell me what turns you on. Maybe we can sprinkle celebrities throughout the audience (haha).

Fill me in gentlemen. What about Judit Polgar? We’re getting votes for Simon Williams and Larry Christiansen too and others. It would be more meaningful if all the voters would make an effort to come. I have been hearing from those who love chess history too!!
Thanks for the audience participation.

Bob & Jack

PS: I do remember the second book! My company distributed this book for Hypermodern Press and NM Jim Eade of California. It is The Bobby Fischer I knew by Arnold Denker and Larry Parr. What a sweet and down to earth book. The only drawback was Arnold’s use of Descriptive Notation! You can still find it around here and there but I suspect in 2 years that will no longer be true. I had stock of all of Hypermodern Press’ book in lots of cases and cases and Denker & Parr’s book was the first to go bye-bye. Reason? Super interesting and some great photos. And, it was thick!

PPS: Since this is offering plenty of lead time, the ones who are always telling me they want to come can start preparing their excuses in advance! Now THAT is mind-reading.


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