75% VERSUS 25%

When I got an advance copy of Soltis’ What It Takes to Become a Grandmaster I almost busted a nut to get copies for customers. When I got my copies that was followed up by another review copy!

My friend Bob Woodworth bought a copy and I have sold no more!

So I have 9-10 copies sitting here and gathering meteor dust. How can I help you?

A. Bob, I’ve been on vacation.

B. Bob, too powerful for my chess level.

C. Having one of those lazy moments.

D. I don’t particularly like Soltis.

E. Everything I need from chess sources I can get from watching YouTube even if it is unlikely that this topic is covered.

F. I’m patient and cheap.

G. I don’t like his publishing company, Batsford.

H. I don’t like the design of his books.

I. Having another lazy moment, I won’t even answer this survey.


Soltis, according the the publisher’s press release refers to Andy as:

• Soltis is one of Batsford’s best-loved chess authors.

• Andy has a chatty, accessible but informative style.

Here’s a statistic for you

The average chess player can find the same moves as a Grandmaster as much as 75% of the time—but

only a Grandmaster can find that other 25%!

This 208 pages  (original estimate) tome (now 318 pages!!) is loaded with essays on the Mysterious Rook move, Tacking, Piece Nullification, “King Feeling,” and a whole lot more.

Something you may not know: Andy no longer writes about chess for the New York Post!


This book is amazingly inexpensive! Send payment of $19.95 right away and I will ship you a copy postage paid in the USA.

PS: I want to see the Jason Bourne movie, but, still car limited.


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