Last night I had an incredible dream and so far I can’t explain it!

I was in a structure with girders and rivets, much like the Eiffel Tower. But it was different because there were floors and coverings on the sides (canvas?) which enclosed everything. No one else was in there and I didn’t see any furniture.

When I was in grade school they would give us tests of the most lame type for reading comprehension! None of them seemed to require imagination as much as they seemed to require B.S. I never did all that great on those, believe it or not. A house, a hill, a meadow and blue sky with clouds and a question like, “Who will be visiting today?” At no time was there ever a clue of a human being involved at all. I didn’t know how to deal with this at all.

Now that I am a story teller, I would make up a story and see if I could grab the tester’s attention. I write about chess so somehow I would weave that in. Today on the ChessBase website I saw an article on chess history and IM John Watson.

I first met John Watson at the US Open in 1981 in St. Paul, MN. I was the VOR, vendor of record. John and a friend were selling a chess comic book, what I would call grad school funny. Black and white art. The artist for #2 was Svein Myreng. You can see the cover (eventually) at http://www.chessdryad.com/articles/comics/ I believe I sold all the stock I had and as time went by, I would occasionally get asked for a copy (I had no more). It is not a sin to get something like that on the spot and then forget about it, just like it is OK to get involved in chess history and enjoy it.

The other day I dropped a line to Dan Lucas, editor of Chess Life looking for some particular photos. He had someone look for them but nothing turned up. My guess, over the years they were “lifted” if they had ever had them. My son Rob, who has an extended interest in movies can answer all your questions and he know what “prop masters” are, the guys who “guard” the props used in movies…but these props get stolen anyway! There are even “prop stores” in Hollywood for all kinds of stuff which they rent out to the studios.

Whining and Complaining

My point, I could make a story out of the opening paragraphs being the site of a chess tournament used by mobsters in their R&R moments! My further point, in old chess history (Chess Review and others) some great stories showed up once in a while, but in Chess Life, nothing! Some whine and complain that “It’s all about the kids and scholastics as those are USCF “moneymakers.” But I don’t think Mr. Lucas is that heartless. Write a story and send it in to him just to see, if you will, what happens. You might be surprised. I know I would be (surprised that anyone would try).

Years ago Alex Dunne wrote a book for me which was poorly received. I am sure he would blame me for how it turned out when in reality the content was mostly awful. However, he had one story in it about how a guy became chess champion of the world. It was a great piece of fiction, if only everything else was of that calibre!

Bob & Jack

P.S. Thinkers’ Press is working on a book titled Collision Chess. The main purpose of this work is to show the crazy crap that happens in chess whether at events or with particular interest in some of chess’ more colorful characters. Arnold Denker’s and Larry Parr’s The Bobby Fischer I Knew and Other Stories has some similarities. One of the best books I had had the pleasure to read. We were the distributor for it and it did very well, selling out in no time. Good writing about something interesting will do that!




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