James Pratt (England) wrote to say that the book we got in today by Herman Grooten is not the same (or type) as the one published years ago by Keene & Levy. Well, that’s OK isn’t it? I suspect Levy wrote most of that book anyway, but it was a good book, at least for me. It helped me directly with a win and maybe more. The Grooten book sells for $25.50, or $23.95 if you buy two recent books (including Grooten’s) You also get free shipping if you live in the USA. Back orders will be handled tomorrow.


•It’s summer (the heatwave has been atrocious) and so that means it’s time for an inclusive chess catalog. Lots of entries. The smart (?) thing to do is to issue a PDF first as that sells the most merchandise quickly and costs me only time (which is still significant). A printed one with postage and printing “might” come later which is great for quick reference but bad for out of stocks.

• The other day I was watching an Andy Bounds video presentation about making presentations. It was good and on the mark. However he said most presentations didn’t work out for various reasons and one of them was finding out what the customer wanted! Tell me about that. For years I haven’t had a website. It was too expensive and virtually all contractors didn’t live up to their promises. I haven’t yet figured out how to deliver the “goods” to chess people because so many don’t respond to questions such as, “What do you want?” Many just want to troll (look around), then go to the next website. Isn’t this extreme time wasting, doing something until one dies from tapping on the keyboard? Chess doesn’t have any expensive products or upheavals to entice engagement.

• In 1955, however, the US Open was a big deal with a brand new Buick being given away as first prize! This was won by GM Nicolas Rossolimo. Apparently the news about this big event was well covered in Chess Life but there was talk of disputes, issues, and other conflagrations which didn’t make it in Chess Life (naturally). We’ve found some info in but some eye witness accounts would be palatable. Any of you know anything? Hugh Myers was my original source and he did play in the event!

• Interesting things come across my desk all the time and though I do have guys like Cavallaro (Lenny) and and others helping me, the more, the merrier. “Controversial Chess” has already been replaced by the title, Collision Chess. Mr. Bobby Fischer made chess in the USA exciting and most of us looked forward to all articles on him (some said that his winning the world title wasn’t worth all the ruckus and of course I disagree.)

• Personally, I know honest people in chess who have been witness to some of the most outrageous and egregious things in chess but who are afraid of upsetting someone famous’ applecart. There are “big shots” in chess who are not to be trusted even though the “world” (a euphemism for bootlickers or brown nosers) say you must trust them just because they are famous or they can play good chess.

Gotta run,

Bob & Jack

PS: It seems that Word Press has taken it upon themselves to put pictures of THEIR choice at the head of my Blogs. No notification about why or anything else. That’s what “Free” gets me plus they preserve the right to add their own choices for advertising.

Bur, I didn’t notice any new pictures this Tuesday morning.


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