My stockist tells me that our copies of this new book from New in Chess should be here next week. Unless I am sadly mistaken, a similar book was written by Keene & Levy years ago which was quite good. Lines were picked from a variety of openings which led to big advantages in certain systems. I knew a guy at our local club, a strong player, and friend, with whom I often vied for trophies, etc. and he played one of these “arcane” systems. Mike usually had a “twist” but Mike seldom ever bought chess books and never from me, so I had all the energy I needed to beat him, and I did. He never played that line again which was between some older, but known, players from the 50s I think. Once again, know some history or you might be around to regret it.

The new book is a fat 354 pages, much bigger than the Keene & Levy book (probably twice as big as I no longer have the K&L book as far as I know to compare). The Chess Butler price is the common $25.50 books we sell and are going for these days. Add $4.50 for shipping if you are only buying one book from us. IM Herman Grooten is the author. They only sent 6 copies because everyone was uncertain when it would be finally shipped. It’s one of those books we normally stock 8-10 copies of and no doubt will be reordered. But, if you want to start kicking booty right now, let me know.

The problem many club players have is getting an advantage and not being able to follow through to the win. Exasperating. This book is SURE to help but also Herman’s CHESS STRATEGY FOR CLUB PLAYERS can set you up for such attacks like his newest book. I only have one copy in stock (first come) of the Strategy book but I will be ordering more. Book reprinting is a delicate subject, I know this personally and economically from publishing books. We produced a book called EXTREME CHESS written by CJS Purdy and sold out in no time at all. It was on the 1935, 1937, and 1972 world chess championships. I kept thinking about reprinting it but never did because we couldn’t calculate how many actually would want it and pay for it. Grooten’s Strategy book is a $25.50 book also. If you order both of Herman’s books they are $23.95 each and the Chess Butler pays for S&H in the USA. Pretty good deal. Just contact



REMEMBER my special sale for the Grand Turk Set at $499.95 and I pay shipping? I mentioned I had two sets, which was true, and both were sold before July 4th! However, another customer wants one and so I poured all the pieces on my chess playing table, unmixed the pieces and it looks like I found 2 more complete sets + some spare chess pieces! Both sets have the black leather bases (great for monogramming at your local jeweler). When I order more it will be as promised, in 2017. I know, already there has been a price increase on them as that showed up on a recent invoice.

I will sell another one of these sets to a customer in Maryland and that means only ONE set left. I have been selling chess sets and books for ages and I know what it is like to be down to one of anything. Two to vie, one of which will be bummed. I’m sorry, but I have been pushing these sets for $995 for over a year and people had thumb prints on the inside of their butt from sitting on their hands. In everyway it’s more than an outstanding set but there will only be one left to sell at $499.95. This is advance, advance warning!! At Christmas time my supplier gets the crap hammered out of him for cheaper sets, for which he will sell many more than of the Grand Turk who he mostly sells to me because I want the good stuff which results in no rejects or returns from my customers. If you are not affluent the good news is you can pretend to be because I can make terms for you–just ask.

While the set will rise in price again there is a piece of “good news.” I hope. He now has some wooden boxes to put the pieces in. I am going to order a couple to see what the quality is like–pretty good I suspect but nothing like the $1000+ custom boxes I had made (and two were sold). They won’t have compartments like the custom ones had, but they look to be affordable. I’ll tell you more when I get them!


I am pretty sure there are many bloggers out there who never advertise anything. Then, after they have received kudos over a period of time about how terrific their site is, they finally wake up to the fact that it has become a responsibility: fitness, gardening, health, cooking, etc. That’s not what the Chess Butler does. If you’ve known me for anything over my 45 years in the business I am about chess history, selling books and sets, and even autographs. Sometimes I venture into movies but not like my son Rob does (horror at for movies I like (such as the Legend of Tarzan). But it is 99% chess.

Recently we picked up a new author, our first in ages–Charles John Huffam. Tentative title, Collision Chess. If you remember our series of Chess Gangs of New York and London whereby if you bought so many dollars worth of stuff from the Chess Butler, you would get a FREE book from that series, valued at around $12.95 each. We actually sent out many, many books. Basically the customer got books anyway and picked up a free one in the set, 12 all together. The books could be purchased separately if that was your thing.

In Collision Chess the author includes chess disputes, altercations and stuff of legend but mostly with the greats. Lots of new material and for those who are budget minded, at no cost because they will be sent out in the form of a PDF (portable document format). Eventually to be turned into a book with possibly some additional material. Don’t know of anyone doing this kind of thing except with brief remarks from a book full of analysis (such as Quality Chess, one chapter or a portion of a chapter).

We are having exciting times and more will come with the appearance (this fall?) of another CJS Purdy book!

Thanks again,

Bob & Jack

PS: I do need one piece of help with the Collision Chess book. We want to include a story relayed to me (Bob Long) by Hugh Myers when he was working for me (and not against me). He said it was 1955 and he thought it was a US Open event. A Buick was first prize. Involved he thought were Nicolas Rossolimo, and Sammy Reshevsky. Did someone “throw” a game? Blow tiebreak points? Larry Evans wrote a book called TROPHY CHESS which Bobby Fischer liked very much. I have been unable to find the details Myers told me and he is now gone. If anyone out there has the details I would be pleased to pass them on to Charles. It was a big fuss, I am told, at the time. Maybe Fred Wilson has more details about it.

Kerry Lawless from the California Chess Reporter has sent me some links but said one thing he is looking for hasn’t been found. More stuff on Alekhine and others (possibly Fischer). I am feeling rejuvenated!





  1. Dear Bob

    I send good wishes amid hot weather and political upheaval! Amusing you mention Myers, he is now gnashing his teeth in heaven, but I still read his MOBs with pleasure and profit. I have recently invested in several more of THINKERS titles including 2 Purdys bought at C&B in Baker Street (Pein’s shop, of course.)

    The Club Attacking book is not like the Keene and Levy. No comparison. The former is more for memorisation and aimed at a quick fix. The new NIC title is weightier and not likely to gain similar popularity given immense competition from the floods of today’s books, which aren’t published in sufficient quantities, at least in my opinion. NIC seem to publish some odd/quirky books at times, that thing on the Four Knights with the colourful tile cover an obvious no-no. I was also taken aback by the Blitz book by the Sveshnikovs. Was this really their aim, to help blitz chess? I would welcome your view on the writings of Jovanka Houska. Her Caro sold and sold. She writes about openings so very differently. Did you ever spot this? She never pads or waffles.

    Let me know if you need any help. I am free of BCM and my health is ok.

    I hope the planned World Championship in NY (?) helps your business.




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