While perusing Di Felice’s tournament and match books from McFarland & Company I came across something of interest to me besides the fact that all of this Italian’s research was incredible, and besides the appearance of beautiful books priced at $50 each, I noted in one tournament a player who had been an opponent of mine in the early 70s, a master who went on to become a senior master, and someone I had beaten in our individual game. He was listed in the book as second to last in some kind of international tournament. Takes some of the shine off my success (I had tied for first in the Des Moines Open, and incidentally, Des Moines is nowhere close to Davenport, no matter how hard one tries to make it so–it’s as far away from Davenport as is Chicago.) The tournament had 50-60 players.

Still there is always the possibility of extraneous circumstances such as staying up late the night before, which happened to my opponent. He was up until about 3 a.m. When he played me, late’s say he wasn’t exactly fit. But, I will take the win, as would you. I wasn’t responsible for his carelessness.

The McFarland books are a nice compilation and cover many, many events. The author says he found 1200 that were not mentioned in the Gaige books! Impressive. The layouts and the tables of players are especially graphically pleasing. I didn’t check to see who did the proofreading, if anyone. Maybe a computer? Perfect for archivists, researchers, and authors (as ell as collectors).

In St. Louis

last week I dropped into the Hall of Fame, always a worthwhile adventure. On the second floor was an exhibit by The Magic House called Kings Queens & Castles. They had built a temporary castle on that floor, for kids and all kinds of exhibits to explain chess. Too many contributors to list them all, but 4 of those who earned Special Thanks were Beth Fitzgerald, Beth Hasek, Carrie Hutchcraft, and Sarah Mize, all women. Lots of others too and with exceptional beneficence from Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield, two superlative philanthropists for chess. Has the USCF done anything to pick their brains as like all of us, they won’t be with us forever? The stronger players often do little for chess except to take the money and go to the next event. Another reason all of their organizations eventually flop.

More later…. got to get back to work.

Oh, one other thought, I emailed about 100 extra copies of CHESS SECRETS #206 on SATURDAY, July 16. Did anyone get them? I haven’t heard from anyone. I am hoping the subscribers to CHESS SECRETS got theirs.


Bob and Jack



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