As you might guess there were 50 million emails awaiting my return. Two were orders!

I am sorting things out, will be shipping automatically NEW IN CHESS Yearbooks 118 in both flexible and hardcover. You should be receiving them next week.

We spent a little time at the Chess Hall of Fame as well as the St. Louis Chess Club. Saw no big shots there but I showed Peggy around. New carpeting. New chess pieces on the boards. Lots more photographs. As you might know Carlsen will not be there this year as he is warming up by studying for the world championship in November. He practiced for Karyjakin by pounding him senseless in Bilbao (and lost for the first time ever to Nakamura in Classical Chess time controls). But he is leading the event as he also took down Wei Yi.

Looking forward to Jason Bourne the movie although the 170 cars crash does nothing for me. Did see Tarzan the Legend on Tuesday. Breathaking, great story. Margot Robbie is a real babe who plays Jane and when she is captured she says to her “jailer,” played by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, “a normal man would do the impossible to save the one he loves, then, referring to Tarzen, aka Lord Clayton, “he’s not normal!” and he certainly isn’t! Tarzan and Friends bring ass-kicking to a whole new level.

Lots to do before Monday, pack the NIC Yearbooks for shipping and get out a Press Release on sale items and other stuff before the next CHESS SECRETS issue. Stay tuned, bring your wallet with you!

Bob & Jack

P.S.: If you are purchasing something and in that list I also have discounts IF you follow what is in the list, to claim the discount you have to tell me what it is and mention it, I will NOT do it for you.

PPS: By the way, the new Purdy book is proceeding apace. Will tell you more later.


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