what’s Up July 11-14 ?

Taking Some Time Off (Unheard of) via Trailways Bus. Told you my car was mangled a year ago. Feeling a lot better. Don’t have a wi-fi card so am not taking my laptop with me, but if necessary you can reach me by phone: 563-271-6657.

Recently I made a mailing of CHESS SECRETS #206. There was an emphasis on bound volumes of CHESS LIFE, but only for 1990-1993. None sold unfortunately. But to go through each volume on the pretense of selling a volume is enlightening to me, but not to my bank account. So, was it time wasted? Let’s see. I am going to list some additional volumes on this Blog today and perhaps we can move more paper (IBM used to call it “Moving Big Iron, sort of like Marty Robbins without the bullets). As Carol used to say, “You Never Know.”

I will stop here for now (have to do some packing) but will be back later with more reasons you need bound volumes and great savings. Everyone thinks their “loose” issues are good enough but I will tell you straight up, when I need to do some reading or research, I head straight for the bound books. My loose copies are in the basement along with 1000 other things.

Hopefully I will be back today (Saturday) with more info before I leave for a couple days and take in the movie Tarzan.

Bob and Jack


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