A $20 DEAL

Now that Richard Simmons has decided he wants to be a woman (yech), his sales of DEAL-A-MEAL might explode for this millionaire I saw when I was in Chicago years ago at a book show. He was running all over McCormick Place in his short shorts with fat and overweight women running after him in a type of conga-line. (Is there an emoji character which shows a person gagging?)

I don’t have anything like a “Deal-a-meal” promo which I read had made Simmons a millionaire if he wasn’t already.

But for $20 I can send you CHESS SECRETS until the end of the year if you aren’t already a paid subscriber. Weight loss, hair restoration, testosterone growth, becoming rich and/or famous are biggies when it comes to high consumer demand to reach inside their wallets. Another area is supplements.

Chess can’t relate. By the time many are 60 or older they have given up. When it comes to chess most don’t play in tournaments anywhere unless it is ONLINE. Chess computers always win so that is no fun. Some still don’t know how to “read” the encyclopedia of chess openings, so… screw that.

Older players don’t want to be in events where kids dominate or rule. I am truly astounded when people tell me what their reasons are for NOT doing something. Laziness has set in. Eating is de rigueur as blimposity rules.

Myself I am easily impressed by those who go out of their way to achieve something. I don’t just mean ratings, championships, etc. But how about a conversation with someone who knows something about chess, it’s history, famous players and so on? Did I ever tell you about an argument I had with a well-known GM named Wojtkiewicz? He needed money so he made some bad assumptions (but he always had drinking money). The books never got done BUT I had seen him lecture once and speaking of DEALS, he was the REAL deal. A brilliant lecturer.

CHESS SECRETS is from my memory, books, magazines, and other resources. If you are after games which are not in your database you are out of luck. Just plunk for $$$ and buy a 6 million plus games’ database and drive yourself crazy for years on end. Give me a call when you’ve made GM or better yet, the “easily achievable” title of world champion!

Write to: info@chessbutler.com

PS: I am thinking of getting a wi-fi card for my laptop because I will be on the road (on a bus) for part of next week, or will answer you when I get back. Lookswise, who is the Cary Grant of chess? By the way, I’ve lived in Davenport, Iowa (except for graduate school) since 1963. That’s a lot of years. You’ll never guess what city Cary Grant died in! Yep, right here. I don’t think he was playing chess when it happened he was onstage. My company set type for the photographer who got his last picture.



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