WARM AND FUZZY… is that how an idea matures?

I woke up two hours earlier than usual today. Didn’t mean to, tried going back to sleep but I wanted to get this down before I forgot the “anti-mantra”: Time, Money, Risk.

Those three are  BIG challenges of today and probably, every other day, when I gave it any thought.

Lots of wimps “talk” about how they got interested in chess: Bobby Fischer. I am interested in WHY they dropped out of chess and what are they doing now? What happened to their curiosity? We can blame family, time, lack of money, no imagination (that’s a really huge lie) and the avoidance of risk.

Every day (almost!) I get offers, cheap offers, for new typefaces, but these are almost always script (writing) faces. A calligrapher’s trick. Sell $1000 worth of “typefaces”for $30, as an example. Or someone will take a standard typeface such as Benoni, twerk or tweak it and create a new typeface and call it Fraudville, which, it is.

None of these involve real work, a subject that scares many people to death. Can’t I just “Win the Lottery?” If only you could.

On a drive home sometime back NPR was interviewing students about employment, paying off their student loans, and such. They told the interviewer they couldn’t find jobs. What were their majors? Often they were taking courses in which their “skills” were not wanted, by anyone. In this case, Sociology was one, the other was, if I remember correctly, English! Two major employment obstacles. Where was the work, the research, the discipline?

This blog IS chess-related. How?

Last year I was in line at a theater in the Iowa City area to see the Bobby Fischer movie (Pawn Sacrifice) with Nate. I asked the ticket taker, by way of conversation, if he was going to the University and he said he was. I hesitated but went ahead (Risk) and asked him what he was studying. He answered Sociology and something else, I think it was psychology. I wished him luck (he was on a clueless treadmill). I was asking myself if he had paid any attention to the “job market.” Those two subjects were at the bottom of the employment pile, almost everywhere. He was proud to tell me he was a “double major.” Our universities and colleges are full of double majors.

I think just once someone told me they were starting their own business and yet this is, without a doubt, one of the most effective forms of employment (if you choose something real). It’s not bulletproof but you stand a better chance than with most other majors. Let me explain.


Do you remember the phrase, “I can get it for you wholesale?” Or someone telling you that their brother-in-law could get it for you wholesale? It’s an old joke. There is no free lunch. Today I got an email from a guy in England I did business with for several years and he gave 12 items in a list of what he thought made him successful. They were:

  1. Study; 2. Study everything that catches your eye; 3. Read/study the classics; 4. Get interested in anything (it feeds your imagination); 5. Do not specialize; 6. TRY to understand people; 7. Be childish and curious; 8. Hate to fail; 9. Love wordplay; 10. Ask others what they think and do the opposite; 11. Do not suffer fools gladly (including yourself). Second rate is for amateurs; 12. Keep trying.

You can apply this “dozens” list to your chess and virtually anything else.

They don’t teach you this stuff in school. I know, I went to school. Often those “teachers” wouldn’t take the risk of a real world job. Would you hire some of the teachers you had?


Do you think you could sell chess books on a weekend? See how specific that question was?

  1. I didn’t say the whole weekend, maybe just a Saturday, Friday evening, or if your religion or non-religion allows it, on a Sunday.
  2. Do you have competition? For example the vendor who sells almost everything? I have Thinkers’ Press chess items which I have not wholesaled to others in years. You would have an exclusive venue. More sales, more profits.
  3. Etc., etc. Send me your contact information (name, address, email address, phone number) for more info with the subject line of your request being WHOLESALE or: WAIT WHILE I GO TO AN ATM!

I did all these things for years while raising a family of 3 kids. I sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of chess goodies; Tournament organizers were glad to have me. (Tnmt. organizer Wray McAlister said I was responsible for 10-15% of the entrants if they knew I would be there! He often had 150+ people show up for 2-3 days.) I became a known and requested entity. Sometimes I worked only one day but I had customers pleading with me to stay longer, or saying to me “Wait while I go to an ATM.”


I have written a valuable PDF on what this is all about which you can get for a mere $39.95 (or, two twenties). I charged for this to avoid the “lookie loos” and those behind bars who have nothing but time to read. It also kept away those who want the secrets but didn’t want to pay for them. Chances are your competitors won’t spend $40 because that’s why they aren’t getting anywhere and will drop out. (Happens all the time.)


HONESTY, an example

Are you afraid to talk to people, to try to sell them something? I can show you how, it’s not whatever fears are in your brain–honest. IT’S ALSO NOT THAT HARD. These are not made up stories. The information, and warnings in this book are real life. For example, are you afraid of dealing with a problem or not being able to stand toe to toe with a jerk at your sales table? Follow the easy-as-pie advice in WAIT WHILE I GO TO AN ATM and dealing with the variety of situations that have happened to me. I was not a born salesman (few are). I was just an over-educated math guy who worked hard to sell and I learned a ton of stuff they don’t teach you anywhere. It’s just $40. No credit cards. PayPal, and Money Orders are OK.

Call or write: Bob Long 563-271-6657 or info@chessbutler. Mail me at: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.

To be successful you don’t need a frickin’ website. Just more money down the drain. For every good looking website you see (and that is a stretch) there are 10 times that many who were trained at UGLY U. They couldn’t persuade people to take free money!

This is my first commercial message on this blog in a long time. I’ve been in the chess business for almost 50 years and the info in  WAIT WHILE I GO TO AN ATM can be applied to almost any business and I’ll tell you–if it works in chess it can work in darn near anything! (I know that is a cliche, but having sold from St. Paul, to Las Vegas, to St. Louis, Savannah, GA to Pittsburgh and Chicago I know people are pretty much the same everywhere (except possibly in St. Louis, where I don’t think anyone owns a credit card, yet, they still spend $$$!))

Full of real world stories, how tos, and making money. Plus it’s a fun and educational read. Be sure to send me your email address. No samples, no refunds. Those who offer valuable information (like this PDF) and guarantee your complete satisfaction with the secrets uncovered in this PDF are newbies and gullible at that. If you are unsure whether you have the balls or galls to give it a try are people I do not want to work with let alone take their money.

WAIT WHILE I GO TO AN ATM shows how I made extra money on the side. Oh by the way I suppose this could work for “greedy” people too but mainly it is for those who want to make extra money at a profitable rate without undue stress, no gimmicks, and no H.S. For years I also sold books on magic and magic tricks, expensive stuff not the stuff you see in  novelty stores. I went to a town in Decatur, IL one year–loaded up the car. There was another vendor there, unbeknownst to me before I came. We shared info at the end of the event. I outsold him 4 to 1! Another vendor, from St. Louis, didn’t even bother showing up!

P.S. In 2008 I wrote a 300 page book titled, THE CHESS ASSASSIN’S BUSINESS MANUAL. It sells for $16 Used (if they have any remaining) to over $100 (mint) on AMAZON. I have brand new copies available for $25.00 postage paid (USA). About 1/3rd of the book is about chess business. GO FOR IT!


2 thoughts on “THE GLOW OF AN IDEA

  1. Bob, your mention of the psychology major and the psychology/sociology double major brings to mind the dozens of such graduates I have had in my office. Some are frustrated while others are in tears. After 4 or 5 or 6 years at a university they find themselves at a technical school seeking competency at something (in my case, substance abuse counseling) so they can get a job. It seems that no one mentioned to them that in exchange for some large student loan debt they would get no real marketable skills. A Bachelor’s in Psychology has one (just one) real plus: the owner is eligible to apply to a graduate school so s/he can get a Master’s and a license to practice counseling/psychotherapy. I will begin asking them if anyone talked to them prior to applying to a college/university about “marketable skills” and “starting your own business.” On our campus we have a whole department focused entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, so we handle that to some degree, Anyway. In my not-so-humble opinion, every discussion about post-secondary education (parents and their high school seniors, students and their guidance counselors) should include a good amount of talk about employment. Thanks for mentioning this as part of your entry today!

  2. The sad fact is that most college kids cannot be given competent advice and when it does happen the “rebellious ones won’t take it anyway because they want to do what they want to do without finding out if there are any employers out there willing to give them (the students) what they want. Maybe a foundation will but how marketable is that? I’ve hired a lot of people in my time (maybe 100 or more). Guess what? Almost every one of them had NO college degree (2 or 4 years). They were, for the most part, trainable and competent.
    I want my grandson to go to college! He’s 12 and already knows where he wants to go. The areas of programming and video games. This is all HARD stuff. But, he has the grades which prove he can do it plus he has seen and observed his pappy who encourages him (so does his Mom).
    In Dubuque IA the police department was getting all kinds of applications from the black section of the community which were imported from Chicago. They couldn’t pass the tests and whined how this hurt them from becoming a highly paid DBP officer (highly paid???) Lots of jobs are open all around town but they won’t apply because they want the big bucks. It’s like years ago when young adults wanted to graduate from college and felt entitled about starting out as a VP of something. They too felt they were something special though they had no experience, no training, thus, no skills. This entitlement mentality ruins their lives.
    I have had to dig ditches, for real. When I got into college I took courses in math, physics, and foreign languages. Lots of students took “business courses.” I took business math as an elective and ruined the curve (but not on purposes). Students who were used to getting A’s were getting Bs and Cs until the teacher threw out my test results. Now those degraded people are teaching others in our society. Can you imagine the results?
    It isn’t so much that the system is broken it is that too many love EASY and FAST. Why do they and their parents feel like they are owed something? They aren’t. I’ve read enough articles by students who struck out on their own to start their own businesses and drop out of college and it just wasn’t the Jobs and the Gates of this world. We all need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. and for the most part they go to honest to goodness vocational schools. In those jobs you have to “think” anyway. When I was 64-65 I took an accounting course. Half my class dropped out before the course was anywhere near over. Young people, people of color. Men and women. It was mostly the older students who stayed, They had to have basic accounting to get a business degree–that was not going to happen. Where in the heck do these people get these idiotic ideas of success? From watching the Price is Right? From thinking they have a chance to win the lottery? These people aren’t necessarily stupid, but they do stupid things and don’t seem capable of learning from their mistakes because they are too busy doing other things like drinking, drugs, auto accidents… Every now and then (hooray) you hear about something good happening and it is usually someone who is self-employed. When one is self-employed there is no time to fool around and hope for a happy accident.

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