The 24 pages issue of “Chess Secrets” has been a success. One master told me he found some secrets (I don’t exactly point them out it’s called “gleaning.”)

Another reader or three said he liked the reviews. I forgot to mention the format is wholly new. That slowed things down some. Moved quite a bit of new and older merchandise. Lots of folks are missing out because they haven’t read this blog but hey what’s new with apathy?

Breaking the bonds of the wallet! What that means is that the more expensive books such as McFarland and Quality Chess are doing better than once was the case. Pay $50 for a book and read it for months. Pay $50 for a carton of cigarettes and they are gone in no time at all but the bad effect to your lungs isn’t.

warning about dvds

On pages 4-5 of issues #202-203 I had lots of DVDs for sale and it gives me another reason to tout the value of CHESS SECRETS and all of its forerunners. CONTENT. Read it all the way through and don’t be befuddled. Chess Life doesn’t tell you that there is one major problem with DVDs featuring chess stuff. Most of them won’t play on your TV from a DVD player. Maybe GingerGM is an exception since they play on PCs or Macs and those video game machines like Nintendo etc. (I believe this is correct, I don’t have one). I don’t know what a set top box is but GingerGM DVDs (GM Simon Williams stuff) plays on those too. I think Simon quit making those because he was constantly being ripped off and his were THE BEST in the business! Wouldn’t you know?

So my big selection of DVDs are on sale but must be played on a PC or PC laptop to be viewed and used! I asked a friend, why he and his friend wanted DVDs that could be played in a DVD player and he said, he liked the larger screen from a TV! Well, it’s a reason, but you give up portability and that means, learning from anywhere, even in the back seat of a car.

Thus, for $25 you can get all the issues of “Chess Secrets” for 2016 in PDF and you can print them out and read them anywhere too.

More secrets coming from the late Dr. Ken Colby.

Bob and Jack (Tanks)




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