WORKING ON MAR-APR chess secrets

Been working on that issue. New fonts, probably fewer scans of book covers, easier to read type. Taking a while to get used to. In some ways it’s like learning InDesign all over again, but I am getting there. I have some stories to tell including secrets. I need to put them on a white board.

I thank you who have kept ordering. It helps. We’re also working out a schedule to go to the post office every week. Gradually working it all out.

TIP: For years I have promoted the tip of finding “favorites” and studying them. For example, find a subject you would like to learn more about and see if there is a “move by move” book in that category. After you have those under your belt, expand into more games.

For example, IM Junior Tay on Ivanchuk. Or another very good one, Boris Spassky. He was very smooth and he won a lot of games in rather elegant and surprising ways. After 1. e4 (played by Spassky) he found many nice twists and turns you could use in your own games. Spassky seldom played “wise guy” move, he played “game ending moves.” His technique was virtually flawless.

Let others do the work for you.

Best regards,

Bob & Jack.




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