Just got out of the hospital again! I felt great 20 minutes after I was admitted and just got out today 4 days later! But the hospital ran me through a battery of tests, discovered that from 2 years ago when I went in that I had a small stroke and by now have finally succeeded in making myself completely broke!

Hence, I will be running one whale of a sale in a week for all the usual reasons. Lot more bills to be paid, bundles, lots, and a chance to “start my life over again.” That should be interesting eh?????

I am a month behind on my newsletters but believe it or not I have begun working on that too. I am hoping to hear from past customers to help me with this

Is everybody eligible for this list? If you live in the USA you are. You have to send a postage paid envelope (at least TWO first class stamps.) You’ll get this fat envelope.

All items on this FATSO LIST are in stock at the time of publication. NO PHONE calls. Letters are OK. Payment by certified checks or MO. No house calls. Everyone here is telling me to slow down. How does one do that when all these suppliers want their $$$?

No back orders accepted at this time.

I’ll think of something–I don’t know what, but I pay my bills. No limits. This is NOT a FIRESALE. This is valuable stuff. Who knows what form this will take. I have a half dozen GRAND TURK bud rosewood and box wood sets for sale. I can reject or accept your offers. Don’t take it personally, I am just trying to pay my medical bills. Something incredible will come out of all of this mess. Just give old Bob a chance and you will see. The Grand Turk 4 inch King has a retail of $995 (no formal box) so make your reasonable offer. Please do not tell me some B.S. story about why this set is only worth $150!

Not everyone will participate, but I am betting that 20-25% of my mailing list will.

It’s rambunctious and it’s a rare day in chess history. A fax to me of what you want from this list can be possible. My fax # is 563-271-514-0672. You can write (1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803).

I will be advertising this is Chess Life too unless someone made a great offer for everything–which I will have to see to believe.

Have some fun  with your life for a change.

If there are any ideas out there for running a consortium, contact me. If you have small or large collections you want to sell contact me (Bob Long). Condition must be good or better.

Rather than give up like some I am sure I will have my interest in chess continue until I am in the ground. So don’t give up on the Chess Butler.



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