If You Build It They Will Come

Remember that Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams? Everyone I know loved it, especially if they were from Iowa! It was filmed in Northern Iowa. Lots of Japanese baseball tourists and their cameras visited it. Even my wife and I visited it! It was a “clean movie” and an enjoyable one too. Sometimes one can just enjoy a movie without looking for man’s weaknesses…because those aren’t too hard to find.

Today I was reading CHESS LIFE FOR KIDS instead of CHESS LIFE. The editor does a very credible job. He took over as editor of Chess Life many years ago, for awhile. Glenn Petersen was his name (New Jersey). Did a good job too. He was one of a team of editors for the Atlantic Chess News.

Nowadays Chess News from around the country is handled by former USCF Exec. Director Al Lawrence. I would like to see various authors from various regions of the country who were not paid to promote friends or their particular interests. The experience of others can be¬†fascinating would like to hear their stories. But I would like to hear chess secrets and stories from my own audience too. There’s some great stuff out there. Let me start digging. Or just drop me a line when you have a minute.


Bob & Jack

PS: I will contracting with a team of guys, for about $1100, to set up my website. If you would like to be a part of this idea and be willing to shell out $100, I will name that niche, after you. All I ask is to hear from you every couple weeks. If my pronouncements put you to sleep we’ll give you a shot at it. I will be right up front and tell you this will be a learning and experiencing website. I am doing it for the Chess Butler fans. Don’t be afraid. NO FEAR. Stuff for sale and fun….and discussion.


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