A couple days ago, hardcovers were unleashed!

McFarland and now Caissa Editions. Ignaz Kolisch is gone. Sold Jose Raul Capablanca. What else? Have several more to ship and some to reorder. This afternoon I am releasing another list, to be sent to those who have purchased more beautiful chess history.

To be honest, I read the text before I play through any of the games (well, most of the time).

The writing, in general, is quite good but the standards are remarkable too such as John Hilbert.  Arnold Denker was an excellent writer. In the McFarland books you will discover some writers you may not have previously known. Good for that too. Put on some classy music as the ambience which that provides is by the fireplace glow quite warming AND beautiful. I was reading about Sidney Bernstein years ago. I’ve published a number of biographies through Thinker’s Press too such as Charles Warburton, Andy Soltis AND Leonid Stein, Master of Risk Strategy…. Maybe some more I have forgotten. They all have sold out. There is another big hit, C.J.S  Purdy. Hopefully later this year. Several have asked for it to come out in hardcover. Maybe…. if we get enough pre-orders.

A couple years ago I did a big hardbound for Ken McDonald on Canadian Correspondence Chess History. It was numbered and released in a very limited edition. Why? They were worthwhile books destined to become scarce as frog hair. People who believe in Thinkers’ Press I want to show my thanks to them. Absolutely. If you enjoy investing in a work by competent authors and editors, climb aboard the rolling forward train.

Bob & Jack.


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