My Mom was known to use that name Ignaz when she wasn’t exactly complimenting someone! Sort of “idiot” or “idiotic.” Mom and Dad were really great at Crossword Puzzles. Neither had a college education but Mom’s vocabulary was second to none and she was murder at Scrabble. Dad, on the other hand was a mighty reader and I couldn’t begin to wonder how many books he had read. Plus he got his Army Air Corps degree in being a fighter pilot. If I had ever thought of it, either one would have lapped up the non-technical side of chess books. A book like Ignaz Kolisch would have been great for either one. Though my Mom taught me chess and my Dad already knew how to play, at price of $67.50 for such a high-class book from McFarland & Company would it probably not have been on their Christmas list.

I only ordered one and it has already been sold so clearly, I guessed wrong! (I will get more!) The book is in a blue cloth binding, is letter-sized, heavy, and several hundred pages (380). Lots of art and photos too including one of Morphy. The rest were masters of the 19th century. Mr. Kolisch was a very strong player and he could eat you for breakfast!

I don’t know whether it is my lack of interpretive skill or I just don’t want to say, “Tell me it isn’t so, but he later came into the financial world, stock markets, etc. and I got the feeling he might have been right at home with Goldman Sachs, or of the others “playing loosely with other people’s money!”

The retail is $75 and it was just published. It’s a little over 2 pounds with the mailing bag and cardboard insert.

Lots of stuff in there on the great masters. Reading material for a week! Wonderfully¬†made. Will only get more expensive. Almost 400 pages! Written by Fabrizio Zavatarelli. I put the “stamp” of great scholarship on this beauty. Please add $4.50 for shipping and insurance. $72.00.

Phone me today! 563-271-6657.

You’re incredible.


Bob & Jack


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