I’m back, most computer problems have been solved, we’re working on the Purdy manuscript and the next issue of CHESS SECRETS. The latest issue of Morphy, His Times and Games, #7 was released. My friend Greg sent me all the typos which I will be fixing in a couple days. Then I will send a clean copy out to all the subscribers.

Just wanted to let you know I was still alive and kicking. Thanks for your concern. My goal right now is to show you some cool stuff, at no charge, in an email blast which may go out today.

I’m going to submit this Blog to see if I was fortunate enough to get that working–I’ve been getting help from Google and you know what that means. A test of patience and endurance and a bunch of chess books we haven’t carried before.

Thanks for sticking with me, it’s been a weird ride.

Need something chess wise? Call me (Bob) at 563-271-6657.

Bob & Jack (He’s taller, faster, talking and has the best blue eyes since Paul Newman. He can run like an Olympian, climb and jump. I’m hoping t)

NOTE: McFarland’s book on Vera Menchik is coming and so is the big book on Blackburne.


One thought on “STAY TUNED COWBOYS!

  1. Welcome back Bob. Hope you have an easier year both health and financial wise.
    The Vera Menchik book was originally going to be published in paperback. A few of us who post to chess dot com started an email campaign telling the guy in charge of the chess category at McFarland that most people who buy these expensive chess books would rather pay more and get a hardback edition as we are collectors. Well they did change it from PB to HB and customers suggestions do not all go on deaf ears.

    Now I hope they will someday put the ultimate Bobby Fischer book out with a couple different printings. First a limited edition of a leather bound numbered maybe limit it to 200 and then the rest in hardback. Of course I will be dead before I see all my ideas come to fruition.

    Happy to hear you are working and updating Purdy. If it wasn’t for you we would have not had all this Purdy material in our libraries.

    Take care. I think I have to send you $25 for the Chess Secrets this year aka as BNL last year.

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