Unburden Yourself

32 years ago my first wife, Mercedes, passed away. It was 1984. My life did change. I became a stronger player. My business grew. No she hadn’t been holding me back, I was overwhelmed with responsibilities. Now I had even more! But I also started prioritizing them. Big difference. One of the first things I did was to take a look at the foot of my bed. There was the equivalence of a number of footlockers of “stuff there.” Chess publications, manuscripts, letters to answer and the unknown future. So I began put lists and catalogs together. This was the start of my building my business. After a while I had over 6,000 names and addresses of customers. It seemed like everyone wanted me to publish their book. I had some good manuscripts and some bad ones. Some I published. Of course the jealous ones made fun of my efforts. Proof of their small and prideful minds. I sold their books anyway while they whined, pissed, and moaned.

Chessco changed a lot of things. Made unknowns into knowns and proved at the same time that chess was not a niche where you could be wildly successful. Horowitz started (along with some others) Chess Review and promoted chess for about 43-44 years. He told me that by 1972 he had about $600K in the bank. Within a year, he passed away, had sold Chess Review (a fine magazine) and was looking forward to having some “different days.”

I’ve had a run of about the same number of years, some scary hospital stays, but I am still here (thanks to God). My girlfriend Carol died from a heart attack. It’s like I am starting over again. So, what am I going to do that’s different?

I invite you to subscribe to CHESS SECRETS, issue #201. It’s only $25 for 12 issues.

Let’s take a look at the coming issue, #201. The cover will feature Magnus Carlsen as Ernst Stavro Blofeld (do you know your James Bond?) Some chess secrets. The “jerkiness” of a GM living in Portugal, Chess Noise, Morphy was way ahead of his time, some book reviews, stuff from typewriter inventor Mark Twain, more stuff from the second floor of my abode, guarded by my next door neighbor’s Doberman (she hears everything), and an announcement about THE NIMZOVICH DEFENSE.

Will be ready in a couple days. Then, I will have to promote that too, Chess Workshop System. $10 (CWS) an issue. The first couple issues will tell you HOW to find “gold” in such systems as the French Defense and others and why it’s there in the first place. And how you can bend chess players to your will. I’m just getting started and I hope you will be brave enough to join me. $120 for a year will seem like too much to some, but I will make sure those who subscribe will get their money’s worth. No free samples, sorry. We encourage subscribers to send us items of interest.

Write to: Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.  info:chess butler.com When you send me money, DO ME A BIG FAVOR, tell me what it’s for. Thanks.

Have a nice weekend. By the way, if you subscribe to CHESS SECRETS, each issue will have some items of exotic chess interest included at no additional costs. I am reigning in all these extraneous issues of chess lists as I don’t have the time to make up several per month. Included FOR FREE.


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