The other night I was rooting around for some things to sell in the chess line. And all the items were from my own library.

I have a list and this evening I will be filling it in with info and descriptions. Some you might already have but over 40 years I have found there are no two “alike” collections unless you have hardly anything or you are super-duper specialized (I feel sorry for you).

I will put out a one pager this evening. I would like to do that every day but until that happens, you’ll have to drop me a line: and tell me you would like to get #1 of Romance and Rarity. Call me in the evening at 563-271-6657 and we can have a quick phone visit.

I also have a bunch of complete years of Chess Life and/or Chess Review, hardbound and no bindings.

At one time I had three different editions of Bronstein’s Zurich 1953 in Russian and hardcover but those are all gone now.

If you are interested in selling your GOOD stuff, you can call or write: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. Not interested in routine commonplace chess things.

Over the years some fantastic collections have passed through my hands. I’ve shied away from Amazon and eBay because my experience wasn’t so great. People trying to sell and oversell things that were out of their bailiwick (depth). Been doing that for 35 years or more. Only interested in talking to serious parties.


“Bob, I am looking for 2 copies of ” World Championship : Petrosian vs. Spassky 1966 by M Tal  ( I think it was published by Ken Smith, ChessDigest).” If I remember correctly the color of the covers of this book were blue.

I have a customer for this, do you have any to sell or otherwise want to dispose of?

“Do you have a chess set called the Craftsman in excellent condition.” Send a photo and an asking price!”


For just $25 you can get CHESS SECRETS, 12 issues (monthly) which will feature Classified Ads. Currently working on February issue. Better than Amazon or eBay.

Give it a shot. Ads run a minimum of 3 times.

Editor: Bob Long (

Until tonight! I am going to make CHESS SECRETS very worthwhile. Do you have anything to sell?


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