Issue #200 has gone out!

Bob’s News Letter #200 was sent out yesterday to all paid subscribers. It will now be called CHESS SECRETS as I intend to reveal info and games to make your chess stronger and less of a secret to you! Plus, in depth reviews.

Years ago I played a friend who believed every game could be analyzed to a conclusion, preferably one good for him. He spent a lot of time on this idea, and strength wise he was in the 1800s, about what I was. In the big game, for the Q-C championship, he lost to me. He couldn’t quite understand that because he had put in LOTS and LOTS of time studying everything he knew about me and my games.

But he had confided later to me there was one thing he hadn’t counted on. I’ll reveal what it was in the next issue of CHESS SECRETS #201. Might be a good idea to subscribe, because February is the beginning of the new year, 2016. It’s only $25.

One of MY secrets about subscriptions is that I get tired (over 40 years worth) of giving away stuff to cheapskates…so eventually I delete them from my lists, especially if they purchased something from me 10 years ago! I just don’t have the resources (which included time) to keep lying to myself that so and so is worth keeping in my database.

Over the last week I asked 3 or more companies whose stuff I had subscribed to from 1 to more years to remove me as a subscriber. These were all pretty cool cats, but it wasn’t paying off for me in terms of time and results. I saved about $1,000 on that decision but it’s like pulling hippo teeth to get some people to resubscribe to things I send out over a year for a measly $25. If it’s FREE I hear from them. I refer to these guys as “jailbirds” because this is what some people do who are in prison. They want something to read, never intend to do anything with it, so I quit mailing to these types years ago.

Today I read an email from a marketer who had the same problem, and he’s been at this for 9-10 years! The thing is, he handles these loonies via email and deleting them is no problem. He has a thick skin. I was dealing with that crowd too plus those who would buy a postcard or actually use a stamp on an envelope!


Again, if I don’t give value, over time, I expect to be given the middle finger. But for those who just take, take, take… I don’t have to put up with it. Some of the secrets I will leak out might even be in a book you own but never read or never did read (if you are the lazy type).

I enjoy sharing things I know and have spent money and time on. Subscribe to CHESS SECRETS today so I can add your name to the list of “good guys.”





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