New Books on Their Way Here!

Every other day I get the folLowing question: HOW MUCH IS A SUBSCRIPTION to Bob’s Chess News Letter?

It’s $25 for $2016.

The month of January is half over. I’ve begun work on issue #200, with the theme of SECRETS. Do you like knowing something chess-like that most others do not know, especially if it can help you win more games?

In issue #200 there’s a big one from the late David Bronstein. It was revealed in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Bronstein & his co-author, Mr. Tom Furstenberg. Subscribe to find out what it was. THE SOVIET GM Semyon Furman, a great analytical talent, defined it. Years later Furman was asked to be Anatoly Karpov’s second for the world champion. It wasn’t just a bunch of moves by Karpov but a whole tactical concept which fooled many of Bronstein’s opponents.

If you look at Bronstein’s records you will note, he played a huge number of games, winning most, and yet he was mostly appreciated by the strongest of players, the ones who didn’t care about politics (such as Spassky).

I ordered 4 copies of that book by Bronstein and Furstenberg. It’s $34.95. I try to get books like these before the publisher runs out. It’s not a comamesmodity but a piece of craftsmanship and history. Look at David as David and the Soviet empire as Goliath (the establishment), or, bureaucratic fatheads whom Bronstein would crush in a second at the board. Bronstein, like others, would always be interesting and he wouldn’t shy away from the King’s Gambit. MY SECRET?  When I was proofreading Larry Christiansen book, The King’s Gambit as White, he  and Robert Raingruber’s work was full of slippery slopes for Black. The GREAT Secret for White is that it is still playable as far as the Kieseritsky goes!

You can get a copy for $29.95  PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A.

Write me at:

P.S.: Some other books are coming by next week:

  1. Leonid Stein move by move. $29.95
  2. Queen’s Indian move by move. $29.95
  3. Beating the Anti–Sicilians by Kotronias. (29.95)
  4. Double Queen’s Gambit.

Probably several more. Should all be listed in the first issue of BNL for 2016.

Thanks guys.


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