21-24 Merry Christmas Eve!

I was out the past few days. Sorry if you missed me, will be back in a butler’s uniform next week!

Just wanted to tell everyone that new stuff is being expect soon such as the Leonid Stein book which I am really looking forward to. Also one on an opening you should give more than a passing glance to, because it seems like 90-95% of those out there in chess land don’t really know, the Queen’s Indian move by move.

You want to play 1…c5 against 1.e4 but it is white’s 2nd move that scares you from studying it. The Wing and Morra Gambits are on that list, then  2.c3 and Closed stuff, bashing 3.Bb5† or ruining the Rossolimo, this book contains everything you need to make your opponents wish they had played 2.Nf3 and 3.d4! Thi.s is GM Vasillios Kotronias’ way of Beating the Sicilians, 6A of their (Quality Chess) Grandmaster Repertoire series. He’s dead serious in this mammoth 500 page tome (that’s “tomb” for your opponents). You’ll want to be getting this monster. Our stock will be in here in 5-10 days (it’s the end of the year when the warehouses are a mess, so, get right on it!) It’s got all kinds of methods for dealing with White’s irritations including c3. $29.95 RETAIL.

My metaphorical writings often include the use of the word “ball bat.” It’s tough to beat a Louisville Slugger. And if I had to pick only 1 of the 3 above books I would grab the Leonid Stein book. This guy used an alpha-omega bat to his opponents. I spent quite a bit of time with Gligorich discussing his game (the famous one) with Stein and Gliga said simply, Stein was a calculating machine who took calculated risks and just bore down with ferocity. Gufeld told me that too when we were working on the Stein book. And I had nice conversations with Lila too, his wife.

Coming soon from my porch to your!

Merry Christmas everyone.




2 thoughts on “21-24 Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Bob Please purchase the Kotronias book for me with the others. Please use my new address and credit card for this purchase. By the way you left out the word “Anti” Sicillian in your note. Was a bit confusing at first. Ira Schoenwald

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