Good News!

The PAPERBACK book by Gelfand and Aagaard is here! Positional Decision Making in Chess. I have 5 copies on hand so, waiting until tomorrow is not the best of ideas. Put your order in now if you haven’t already. $24.95 + $4 for S&H.

Another Note: I was in the hospital from Saturday through Monday. I’m out, apparently alive, and feel fine. On Saturday, I didn’t feel fine and got jabbed with transfusions and no doubt this coming week, bills.

I don’t mind a time out, but gee whiz, that was ridiculous.

I am still filling orders and I have ONE special offer to make before the end of the year, to clear out before 2016 and to pay some bills: The Grand Turk Set, an offer which won’t be repeated.

The budrosewood and boxwood set I call The Grand Turk of Amritsar is on sale for TWO DAYS only. (Dec. 22-23). You’ll have to allow a week for shipping and packing (USA only). It will go out for Priority Mailing and Insurance. I only have a few sets with the green base felt and a few with the black leather (perfect for monographing). Comes sturdily packed. Regularly $925-$995. It is one of the most beautiful sets in the world. As Andy Ansel said recently “it feels great in my hand.” Don’t confuse this with the recent chess equipment catalog the USCF sent out. The prices were about the same (at full retail!) but the differences end there. This is beauty personified. The ridge-lines on the Knight’s mane are perfect.

Save $400 and get either one for $695 + $99 S&H priority and insured Mail (trying to get through the Christmas maelstrom). All the pieces have been hand-inspected. Any unsold will be held over until 2016, but the offer will be totally and unequivocally withdrawn.


This sale is only good for two days. No phone calls unless you leave a message, send me an email and how you intend to pay. I can hold it for TWO days. PayPal, Visa, MC, Discover accepted. If you send a Money Order, Cert. Check, etc. P-L-E-A-S-E send me an email telling me that.

Over the years most of my customers KNOW that I don’t tolerate foolishness. If you’ve been a bad actor in the past, you will be ignored in the present. This 2-day offer is good while supplies last. There are no back orders. Your satisfaction has a 30-day “no muss no fuss” guarantee.

Get the set that I will call the “Staunton Jewel from the Heavens.” 4 inch high King, the best Knight, a real warrior. None of all this curlicue fancy-schmancy horseshit which will impress you for 5 minutes tops. The DESIGN of this set makes the word “splendid” seem weak by comparison. If you haven’t seen my advertisements before for this set, I might be able to send you one “in time,” but remember, this offer is good only for two days.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and love to all chess kings and queens.

Bob & Jack (my 1.5 year old super elf)


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