GOOD NEWS to end 2015

Danielle is her name and she works for The Chess Butler on Saturdays only.

Doesn’t answer the phone (yet), smart, effective, and at the moment is helping me catch up on paperwork.

Paperwork? Oh yes.

A good friend’s mother passed away recently in her 90s. She said she has spent the last several weeks on paperwork AND shredding. We aren’t doing much of that yet, but it is to come, flooding my basement.

Dany has gotten a lot of customer and vendor information filed away from the last few years and more to go…now she will be sending out the long overdue Morphy coins I have promised to those who signed up for the 5th Thinkers’ Press Chess Festival this last October. A few customers have already got them, but most haven’t.  They can’t be sent via Media Mail, which is most of my business so different processes must be employed.

By the way, for those who might be enchanted by something like this let it be known that the less expensive one is made of antique bronze, 1.5 inches in diameter and one side features a profile bust (after S. Gage) and modified slightly by my son based on the image from 1859. The bronze piece is $49.95 including S&H. The Gold plated piece is $125 and includes S&H. One of these days you may be perusing an antique store and see one, and it will probably be “under glass” with a much higher price tag on it.

Possibly, today, a boat load of reordered (and NEW) chess books will be arriving here at the Chess Butler’s place, so get ready. I have already been getting advance orders. The CB has the savviest customers in the land.

If you haven’t seen pictures of the coin, just go back some blog posts until you find it.


Bob & Jack (my 1.5 year old great grandson, a corker with Paul Newman blue eyes!)




2 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS to end 2015

  1. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year. May it bring healing, comfort,happiness, and fewer bills!!.
    Thank You for making Chess a bit more interesting with your new letters and books.
    Regards, Mike Vuolo

  2. I look forward in 2016 to more good customers and great contacts like you. Mailed out the Morphy coins today! Have one address to check and then mail. Where does one find more good customers? Good question. There’s a lot of bad advice given over the internet and in person these days just like back when there were these big “fights” over which was better, Macs or PCs. Macs, not PCs, are still making money according to the latest stats and some people still “talk” about how much cheaper PCs are (but they don’t mention the failure rate). Same thing in chess books vs. chess software or stolen software. Some rely on YouTube. Sorry people, I like the convenience of books. I like software too but at some point you have to straighten out your goals. So I will be releasing a paper this year on the advantages of each, but when push comes to shove, I prefer books for more reasons.

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