Don’t you just love enthusiasm?

I do and longtime client Bart Lancaster has it! Whenever he calls he always sounds full of vim, vinegar, and vitamins.

One area he likes is new books, and older books, and instructive books. OK, so that’s three!

Wanted to tell you I am going to be informing my Blog Buster readers of the new titles which are coming…quite a few such as Fischer move by move, Spassky, etc. and with a possible release date too.

Wanted to tell you I will be issuing an email today or tomorrow mentioning them all, some will be in next week, and others at the end of the year. Been putting this off since there are still, only 24 hours in a day.

NEXT: Issue #6 of Morphy’s Times and games is done, I just have to proof it and you know what I know, you shouldn’t proof your own stuff!

I’ve been getting lots of emails, notes, thanks, etc. from clients on my list and if I don’t respond immediately, I am not trying to ignore you. I think I must’ve bought some swampland acreage! Because I am swamped (not so much with orders unfortunately.)

Gotta get the shower in today and pick up a few groceries too.

Special thanks to Greg D. and Mark F. and maybe even Ed R.

Thinking about all of you, especially my most frequent fliers!



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