A Little Chess Roundup a la 2015

What a year!

The car accident. Basically starting over.

Starting the Morphy newsletter. Will finish in 2016.

Selling my one and only Grand Turk chess casket.

Finishing up another David Rudel book on the Colle. He wrote this morning “Thanks for your beautiful work, Bob.” That was nice.

Finished a minor surgery on Wednesday.

Great family support! Chris, Ed, Rita, Nate…. thanks!

Canceling the Chess Festival Five. Downer and missing out on Simon Williams, Andrew Martin, and Macon Shibut.

No refund on airlines ticket to England.

Getting a clean bill of health from Dr., surgeon, and my physical therapist Amy.

All the people checking in on me and wishing me a speedy recovery and sending orders to The Chess Butler.

The arrival of some Grand Turk sets. Unbelievable beauty!

What a year!



P.S.: Lots of nice people in this world. All thanks to God, I missed the bad apples this year. I had a lot to be thankful for yesterday. My secret? I am thankful every day!


P.P.S.: UPS just brought me review copies of a number of Quality Chess books which mean my stock will follow behind: Get this: Parimarjan Negi’s “1.e4 vs The Sicilian II” at a retail of $29.95 and Gelfand’s sensational “Positional Decision Making in Chess” at $24.95!! While I do have 2-3 of the hardcovers still in stock, just to let you know the paperback is finally available! A hallelujah moment! You can order in advance. I’ll keep track.


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